Hell’s Kitchen Chef Winner At Red Rock Casino Las Vegas

Executive Chef TBonesHell’s Kitchen chef winner named at Red Rock Casino and Resort Las Vegas. Reservations for T-Bones Chophouse and Lounge at Red Rock Resort Las Vegas can be found here.

Chef Gordon Ramsay divided the kitchen in two with Virginia given the blue kitchen and Heather received the red kitchen. Each chef designed the entire dining rooms, from colors, lighting, feel and uniforms.

Virginia and Heather remodel each side of their restaurant. Chef Gordon Ramsay tells Heather and Virginia they are going to Red Rock Casino Las Vegas. The contestants and Gordon Ramsay ride to Las Vegas in a stretched hummer limo and discuss how each have done in Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay’s challenge is for each chef to prepare their signature dish for taste tests. One last customer picks Virginia’s dish for the winner. Gordon Ramsay is seen with Virginia and Heather, it is supposed to be on the roof of Red Rock Casino Las Vegas, but it happens to be on a roof on the Las Vegas Strip. Continue reading Hell’s Kitchen Chef Winner At Red Rock Casino Las Vegas

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