UFC 78 VALIDATION Rashad Evans Winner Over Bisping By Split Decision

Evans UFC 78 WinnerUFC 78 VALIDATION Rashad Evans winner over Michael Bisping by split decision. UFC 78 Validation pay per view mma event was November 17 in Newark, N.J.

UFC 78 was the first time a pay per view fighting event was broadcast since October 2005 from the east coast. Some have expressed a lack of Ultimate Fighting Championship superstars but the card should end with a bang.

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Tonight’s main card between Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping, former Ultimate Fighter TV show winners, neigther has had a loss in their pro career. This fight will be a major win to the victorious. If Bisping is the winner then he can show that he belongs in the light heavyweight. For Evans, he can move into one of the top five light heavyweights.

Michael Bisping vs. Rashad Evans

At the start of round one Evans forced Bisping towards the fence in the Octagon. Then Evans fired a couple of connecting left hooks. Evans looks like the stronger fighter. Bisping is looking for his time to unload a couple of punches. With two minutes remaining, Evans got a takedown. Bisping used a lot of effort to break the side control and got up against his fierce contender. With almost a minute remaining, Evans had a take down and the two wrestled leaving Bisping unable to break free.

Round two had Bisping receiving a big right from Evans while he slammed him half way across the canvas. When Bisping finally was off his back, the two engaged in the most standup of the fight. Evans seemed to have connected the most during this time. Evans wanted the standup to stop so he started a takedown. Bisping took the two against the cage and scuffled with an ending of the round to a takedown.

The start of round three saw Bisping with an early combination, but Evans took him down after catching his leg. With a few minutes remaining Bisping looks the best of the two with his conditioning. With a minute remaining Evans went for a takedown with Bisping stopping it. Bisping sent a knee towards Evans and caused bloddied nose. Final note was a takedown by Evans.

UFC 78 Winner Results

Akihiro Gono winner by submission over Tamdan McCrory
Marcus Aurelio winner over Luke Caudillo
Joe Lauzon winner over Jason Reinhardt
Thiago Alves winner over Chris Lytle
Frankie Edgar winner by unanimous decision over Spencer Fisher
Ed Herman winner over Joe Doerksen
Karo Parisyan winner by unanimous decision over Ryo Chonan
Thiago Silva winner over Houston Alexander
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UFC 78 VALIDATION Rashad Evans winner over Bisping by split decision.

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