$175 Million Upgrade In AT&T Local Las Vegas Network Over Last 3 Years

AT&T has invested nearly $175 million in its best-in-class wired and wireless networks in the Las Vegas between 2012 through 2014. Network upgrades in reliability, coverage, speed and performance for both residents and business customers.

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AT&T in 2014 made 42 wireless network upgrades in the Las Vegas area as part of its Project Velocity IP (VIP), an investment plan focused on expanding network. The upgrades included new cell sites, addition of network capacity, and new wireless high-speed Internet connections.

“The Las Vegas area depends on having a fast and reliable network to support our community’s growth,” said Robert Williams, AT&T Las Vegas Director of Sales. “AT&T is committed to investing in our local network to ensure residents and businesses have access to the tools they need for success.”

AT&T’s notable 2014 network enhancements in Las Vegas included launching free AT&T Wi-Fi along the Strip and deploying Cell on Wheels (COWs) for network support at major local events.

“With a growing range of connected home appliances, cars and wearable devices, we depend more on network connectivity than ever before,” said Stephanie Tyler, president of AT&T Nevada. “AT&T’s continued investment in the Las Vegas Valley brings a host of new, innovative opportunities for residents and businesses to connect with each other and their customers.”

AT&T provides the nation with more than 300 million Americans with 4G LTE service. AT&T’s network also has the nation’s strongest LTE signal.

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