Blue Man Group Skydives Arrival To Launch New Monte Carlo Vegas Show

Blue Man Group, the international entertainment phenomenon, partnered with Red Bull to mark the launch of its latest awe-inspiring show at its new home Monte Carlo Resort and Casino earlier this morning. The Blue Men, trained by the Red Bull Air Force, completed a sensational leap from 7,000-feet above the property, landing in front of their new home on Rue De Monte Carlo to celebrate opening day of the new production.

Blue Man Group Skydive Into Monte Carlo Las Vegas

Blue Man Group Skydiving
Blue Man Group Skydiving

Photo credit: Jeff Provenzano

“Creating thrilling, exploratory and thought-provoking moments that make an impact on people is what Blue Man Group strives for every day,” said Phil Stanton, Blue Man Group Founder. “We are excited to share our first new show in 20 years with Las Vegas. We knew we needed a big moment to mark this occasion and skydiving into our new home seemed like the perfect fit.”

Onlookers from The Strip witnessed the spectacular sight and upon landing, Blue Man Group was greeted by Founders Chris Wink and Phil Stanton, Monte Carlo General Manager Patrick Miller, and Las Vegas icon and Chair of the LVCVA’s Host Committee Oscar Goodman. Following the dramatic stunt, Blue Man Group headed inside to Blue Man Theater to celebrate the move to its new home on the Las Vegas Strip. Blue Man Group performed with their signature paint drums and flipped a switch, illuminating the theater entrance symbolizing the new beginning.

Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group Arriving at Monte Carlo Las Vegas

Guests will enjoy the dramatic changes to Blue Man Group’s first new show in 20 years. Each day, 45 minutes prior to the first show, the energy kicks off with a dazzling procession of musical joy and luminescence, which can best be described as an energetic percussive parade designed by a mad scientist.

Blue Man Group Parachute
BMG Arrives At Monte Carlo

The surging, intoxicating beat fills the casino as Blue Man Group launches a Percussipede, a musical centipede of percussion instruments, musicians, robots and puppets co-created with world-renowned 3-D designer Michael Curry. The mega-enhanced experience continues inside Blue Man Theater and presents a thrilling, energy-infused combination of the signature pieces Blue Man Group is known for while introducing playful personalities and dynamic new instruments. The incredible journey includes the introduction of Kukas, humorous assembly-line robots, a sassy humanoid Showbot, as well as an exploration of the human brain through the fascinating Brain Drum.

The audience will also experience the joy of a set of giant Smoke Drums that emit mystical, ethereal smoke rings out into the world and a Neuronulum, a newly crafted pipe-instrument worn by the Blue Men which provides musical and visual pulses of energy across a theater-wide neural landscape.

Blue Man Group Introduction At Monte Carlo

Chris Wink, Blue Man Group Founder, said, “Our creative team has been working for two years to propel Blue Man Group’s indescribable celebration of art, technology and music to a whole new level for the Monte Carlo production. Audience members will be enveloped in a one-of-a-kind, colorful and interactive experience that only Blue Man Group can provide.” Photo credit: Erik Kabik/

Blue Man Group and BMG Founders
Blue Man Group and Founders Chris Wink and Phil Stanton

The first show at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino takes place tonight at 7 p.m. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Blue Man Group Box Office, any MGM Resorts International Box Office, or call 1.800.blueman.

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