BODIES & TITANIC The Artifact Exhibition Will Make New Home At Luxor

BODIES The ExhibitBODIES & TITANIC The artifact exhibition will make new home at Luxor Las Vegas, NV hotel for 10 years. Luxor will renovate 50,000 square feet of the atrium into the new exhibit space for TITANIC and Bodies: The Exhibition. The move date has not been announced as to when the Las Vegas shows would be relocated to the Luxor.

Luxor hotel and casino has been going through a resort renovation since last year. They’ve included the Cathouse nightclub, LAX nightclub, Noir Bar nightclub, Flight bar and Company American Bistro. The owner of the hotel, MGM Mirage, has spent over $300 million in updating the Egyptian themed property.

To make way for the exhibits work will begin next month for MGM Mirage to remove the IMAX theater, King Tut exhibit and the arcade for the attraction from the Tropicana casino.

A reconstruction of the Titanic would be included in the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada. There will be gift shops, restaurant and bar at the location. Guests can use a lifeboat to access the exhibit.

The Titanic Exhibit showcases over 300 authentic artifacts discovered. A reconstructed replica of Titanic’s Promenade Deck and Grand Staircase give visitors the experience of its passengers.

The BODIES Exhibition includes 260 partial body and organ specimens, along with 21 entire bodies. The perfectly preserved bodies have been dissected to give the viewers an up close look at the circulatory, skeletal, respiratory and muscular systems.

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BODIES and TITANIC The Artifact Exhibition will make new home at Luxor.

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