Ganesha Center, Sanctuary for the Spirit, Grand Opening On Nov 11

Ganesha Center has outgrown its current home and is proud to announce its expansion on Nov 11 at 11:11 am. The move to a new space located in close proximity to the original, now makes the center the LARGEST personal transformation center of its kind in Southern Nevada.

Ganesha Center

Ganesha Center
Ganesha Center Las Vegas

The name Ganesha or Ganesh was borrowed from the Hindu Deity known for assisting in overcoming obstacles; however, Ganesha Center is not affiliated with any religion but rather open to all forms of individual searching. The “Living Center” as many have dubbed the space, has been a home for those seeking to expand on both personal and spiritual planes. With energy healing sessions such as reiki and classes that range from yoga and meditations, to discussions with naturopaths and raw foods, there truly is a fit for everyone in the community.

“This center has grown at this pace purely by the generosity of volunteers, and the commitment of those who are attracted to the comfort the space provides.” said Founder of Ganesha Center, Lee Papa. “I look forward to the increase in space which will allow us to better serve our community members.”

The new space located at 3199 E. Warm Springs Rd, in the Longford Plaza will also feature a café. The 12 hour Grand Opening celebration will commence at 11:11am on November 11, 2011. For more information regarding the grand opening, or to inquire about service and classes please visit

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About Ganesha Center
Founded by Lee Papa as a Sanctuary for the Spirit in Las Vegas, NV, Ganesha Center’s mission is to Build a Community in Unity Consciousness, that Allows and Encourages the Individual Connection to Higher Self and Promotes the Understanding of ONEness in all Areas of Life. The personal journeys of all those associated with Ganesha Center illustrate a shift in awareness, increased calm and personal well-being as they pursue a holistic and spiritual approach to life. This 2 and a half year old center will now occupy 6,000 square feet, which makes it the largest personal transformation center of its kind in Southern Nevada.

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