Human Nature: The Motown Show Celebrates 1,000th Performance Tonight

Human Nature and Smokey Robinson will celebrate the 1,000th performance of their hit Las Vegas show “Smokey Robinson Presents Human Nature: The Motown Show” in Las Vegas on stage at The Sands Showroom at The Venetian Las Vegas on April 12 at 7 p.m. Mentor, good friend, and show presenter Smokey Robinson will make a special appearance and perform with Human Nature marking their show achievement in true style.

Smokey Robinson Congratulates Human Nature On 1,000th Performance

Human Nature 1000th Show
Human Nature: The Motown Show In Las Vegas

Calling Las Vegas home since 2009, Human Nature came to the performing mecca as the #1 vocal group in Australia and quickly became one of the Las Vegas Strip’s favorite shows. Performing to sold-out audiences regularly, the multi-platinum selling band has brought the classic Motown sound full circle to critical acclaim.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement,” said Human Nature’s Andrew Tierney. “We have been performing together as a group for over 24 years, and it’s amazing that 1,000 of our shows in the U.S. have been in Las Vegas. It’s an honor to perform in front of people who have travelled from every corner of the world to Las Vegas and into our theater. Each and every show is special to the group and we are truly grateful to the audiences, fans, our band and partners.”

In honor of their 1,000 shows, Andrew, Mike, Phil and Toby were asked to give a rundown of the numbers that have contributed to the success of Human Nature: The Motown Show:

  • 40 three-piece custom made Tuxedos
  • 60 black bow-ties (only 2-3 missing without a trace - all Andrew’s)
  • 120 various matching colored blazers
  • 24,000 songs sung
  • 2,500 throat lozenges (2,000 by Phil)
  • 60 narrow cut straight black ties
  • 16,500 batteries
  • 4,000 Berocca tablets
  • 800 fresh razor blades
  • 80 black patent leather dancing shoes
  • 1,500 shots of vodka (only 1 each at any time - except for Toby)
  • 5,000 gallons or 20 000 liters of water
  • 500,000 bums on seats
  • 11,000 towels (only 5 by Mike - he never sweats)
  • 9,000 light bulbs
  • 500,000 miles travelled (3,000 of those while dancing on stage)
  • 4 new additions to the Human Nature family (a daughter for Mike, a son and a daughter for Toby, and a son for Phil.)
  • 8 shows cancelled (1 due to hangover. No names.)
  • 4 singers
  • 4 microphones
  • 1,000 shows

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