Las Vegas Show Zumanity Hosts VIP Night With FHLV Meet And Greet Show

Zumanity Centaur and Male DancerLas Vegas show Zumanity hosts VIP night with FHLV meet and greet show on March 25, 2009.  Performers from the sexual side of Cirque du Soleil and provocative exhibition of human sensuality, arousal and eroticism at Zumanity gave use the vis-à-vis look at their international cast.

We entered the main hallway and were greeted by more than half a dozen of the over the top characters including two sisters, Vixen Vanessa and her counterpart, centaur, male and female dancers and a host of the adult show.

Vixen Vaness and Dancer

The fun didn’t stop there.  After we were shown to our seats, the performance continued to “warm” up the audience and get them ready for what was to transpire.  The sisters worked the audience with their “taste” of Zumanity and “in your face” actions.  This brings the experience to an entirely new level.  Many became part of the pre-show.  The audience included newlyweds, a couple married for 40 years, middle America and from International locations.

The hostess of the show, bejeweled in rhinestones, introduces the 90 minutes of acts.  Some acts included a scantily clad school girl, triple-jointed contortionist, award winning pole dancer, couple flying over the audience, two flexible women swimming and stretching over a life size champagne glass, male review, sexy couple tub scene, dominatrix and a woman performing with a dozen hula hoops.

This is a show that you must keep an open mind. Are you looking for the traditional Cirque show? You’ll definitely receive some of their seen before acts but a twist with their illusion of nakedness and some topless performers. They kept a great pace with their different mix of acts and a wonderful vocalist. Remember to look for the artist’s ability, dance, presence and their flow of transitions.

Vixen Vanessa

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Connect with Zumanity online through twitter @cirquelasvegas

This isn’t a bunch of basic striptease acts.  It involved the audience, showed many sides of love with the imagery and talent from an international cast.

Las Vegas show Zumanity hosts VIP night with FHLV meet and greet show.

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