Most Expensive Real Estate In The World Had Land Sold By Billionaire

Yellowstone Club MontanaMost expensive real estate in the world had its land sold by billionaire Tim Blixseth. Forbes Magazine valued Blixseth at $1.2 billion. The land in Montana, slated for the $155 million most expensive home for sale at Yellowstone Club, was sold according to Madison County Courthouse records to a Big Sky resident, Loren Bough.

“The Pinnacle” was planned as a super sized mega mansion with 53,000 square feet. Last year January, the idea of the most expensive home for sale in the world, similar to the size of the Boeman Public Library, intrigued Blixseth. It would attract international attention to his property and the Yellowstone Club.

World Most Expensive HomeThis mega mansion appropriately named “The Pinnacle,” architectural plans included an indoor outdoor pool with a retractable glass wall, private ski lift from the house to the top of the mountain and a heated driveway.

I guess luxury real estate developers in other parts of the country go the way of Las Vegas developers. Many proposed Las Vegas condos have been sold for their land, especially on or near the Strip.

Yellowstone ClubBough stated that the Montana land purchase, recorded March 11, is for investment purposes.

Another real estate ownership change, high on the mountain, includes The Yellowstone Club ski resort is for sale with an expected escrow close on April 15, 2008. The real estate investor is Crossharbor Capital equity firm for a price of $455 million.

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Most expensive real estate in the world had land sold by billionaire Blixseth.

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