Passenger Traffic At Las Vegas Airport Falls Near 13 Percent In Oct

McCarran Airport Las VegasPassenger traffic at McCarran Airport Las Vegas near 13 percent in October, 2008.  Total passenger traffic through Las Vegas was 3.6 million departures and arrivals.

Many hotels and casinos have lowered their room reservation prices even during the peek travel times to entice travelers.  Gaming operators are hoping the lowered oil prices will allow more automobile travelers enjoy Las Vegas, Nevada.

Total passenger traffic through McCarran Airport Las Vegas has been 37.7 million.  This is a 6.4 percent dip from 2007.

October marks an entire year of decline in passenger traffic for the airport.  This decline is near the longest 15 month passenger decline started in Oct. 2001.

This week most of the United States has been alerted via news that the national recession has continued since Dec 2007.  Including the local increase in power prices and gas above $4/gallon, airlines decreased many flights into Las Vegas, NV and car travel dramatically decreased.  It looks like the recession will get worse before we see an uptick.

US Airways posted a year to date decrease of 29.9 percent or 488,949 passengers.

Las Vegas based Allegiant airlines posted a modest increase of 4.1 percent or 142,670 departures and arrivals.

The largest airline at McCarran International Airport is Southwest.  They posted a 5.5 percent decrease or 1.3 million passengers.

Continental fell 4 percent, Delta off 7 percent and United dips 5 percent.

It is important to keep the hotel rooms full, gamblers playing and conventions in town for the local economy.  What will the stat be for November?

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Passenger traffic at Las Vegas airport falls near 13 percent in October, 2008.

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