Ramon Ayala's Cocina & Cantina Grand Opening At Primm Valley Casino

Ramon Ayala’s Cocina & Cantina celebrated its grand opening with a full blown fiesta at Primm Valley Casino Resorts headlined by the King of the Accordion himself inside Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino on Thursday, Feb 16.

Ramon Ayala
Ramon Ayala at Ramon Ayala’s Cocina & Cantina Dishing Up Taquitos

The stature of Ramon Ayala is extraordinary. With more than 50 years of experience as a musician, he has produced 105 albums and graced more than 150 stages across the United States and Mexico.

Ramon Ayala Cocina and Cantina
Ramon Ayala’s Cocina & Cantina

The evening began with a crowded room of spectators patiently awaiting the arrival of the international sensation. The buzz escalated as Ayala made his way across the casino floor, admiring fans stopping for pictures and autographs.

Upon arriving at his self-titled restaurant, he was welcomed by a sea of Primm Valley executives and cantina staff surrounding a crimson ribbon accented with hot peppers to offer a unique Mexican flare. The musician took his place alongside notable Primm Valley executives including Executive Vice President and General Manager Loren Gill, Assistant General Manager and Vice President of Marketing Stuart Richey, and Vice President of Food and Beverage Bill Hiers.

Ribbon Cutting With Ramon Ayala
Primm Valley Vice President of Food and Beverage Bill Hiers, Ramon Ayala, and Primm Valley Executive Vice President and General Manager Loren Gill at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Ramon Ayala’s Cocina & Cantina at Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino

Gill and Ayala shared the honor of cutting the ribbon with oversized scissors as an eruption of applause filled the casino.

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, the grand opening celebration began and the mariachi band strummed traditional Hispanic tunes. Ayala made his way through the masterfully designed venue with warm stucco walls, oversized mahogany tables and booths, finished with dark wood floors and accents of memorabilia throughout.

Ramon Ayala Cocina and Cantina Interior
Ramon Ayala’s Cocina & Cantina Interior

He stopped to pose for photos in front of a floor to ceiling mural with his favorite dish called Machaca as well as around the glowing multi colored island bar with his choice of tequila.

Ramon Ayala
Ramon Ayala Autographs Mural Of Himself

Ayala then headed back to the kitchen to ceresin the chopping blocks and give the chefs a few last minute pointers on how to perfect his adored dishes.

Ramon Ayala
Ramon Ayala joins Head Chef, Jose Mora, and Executive Chef, Nester Rodriguez

Executive Chef Nester Rodriguez and Head Chef José Mora donned Ayala with a signature chef toque and told him to whip up a signature dish.

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