Recycled Percussion Beats Their Way With 'Junk Rock' To A Fun Show

This is a guest post written by Chris Rauschnot, @24K on Twitter, of @24KMedia.

Recycled Percussion band opened with an upside down stage dropped from the ceiling with ‘junk rock’ music performed.  I was able to experience with the crowd inside of a full Tiffany Theater at the newly renovated Tropicana Las Vegas hotel, on January 15, 2012.

Recycled Percussion Show Intro

Recycled Percussion
Recycled Percussion Las Vegas Show

Photo credit: @24K on Twitter

You know when people are enjoying the music because everyone is give a drum stick and a color coded “recycled” percussive instrument. I chose a steel spaghetti holder.

After the intro, Recycled Percussion engages the audience with antics that include sound effects. One of the members of the band is a good DJ, Todd Griffin, with plenty of effects dialed in for any moment. Then there’s the skillful drumstick throwing during the show, at the audience, from the audience and from other surprising places.

Two of the band members play the drums, Justin Spencer and Ryan Vezina, and the fourth member, Matt Bowman, is a very good electric guitar player.

The color-coded “recycled” percussive instruments, mostly made from old kitchen pots and pans, correspond to the four band members. The band members help the audience whack the instruments so everyone is ready at the end of the show for the big finish.

One exciting act performance, that is new since the last time I saw it, when they were at MGM Grand’s Studio 54 Nightclub, was an electronic house remixed version of The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby. A huge structure descends from the ceiling, the stage goes dark and the band proceeds to grind away to the music. The resulting sparks flying piece is one of the more exciting acts I’ve seen a band perform of any I’ve seen before.

If you have kids and have come to Las Vegas to see a family friendly show, or if you are a kid at heart and want to shred away on pots and pans, consider seeing Recycled Percussion.

Thanks to Recycled Percussion for the tickets to see a great show that runs about 90 minutes. The Tropicana Las Vegas theater is large enough to feel the excitement, I know I did.

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