SlotZilla, World's Largest Slot Machine Zipline, In Downtown Las Vegas

A new permanent zipline attraction, SlotZilla, Tuesday during a press conference at which a 6-foot model of the attraction was unveiled at Fremont Street Experience. The $11 million attraction will forever alter the downtown Las Vegas skyline with an 11-story slot-machine-themed takeoff platform located near the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street.

Slotzilla Zipline
Slotzilla Tower Zipline at Fremont Street Experience

Construction on SlotZilla is expected to begin immediately after New Year’s with the attraction anticipated to open during the first half of 2013. SlotZilla will be a major new icon for downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street Experience, a five-block entertainment district that attracts nearly 16 million annual visitors.

“We wanted to take a ride typically found in the jungle, give it amusement park features and qualities, and build it in the middle of downtown,” said Jeff Victor, president of Fremont Street Experience. “Designing a zipline to go across 1,700 feet with only a slight incline was a real challenge and required us to think outside the canopy and develop new technologies.

To meet this challenge, we designed a first-of-its kind propulsion launch system and created a steeper incline that will actually take riders through the Viva Vision canopy, giving them the thrill of their lives.”

SlotZilla will be a two-level thrill ride. Riders on the upper Zoomline will take off over 100 feet above ground and riders, lying flat in a harness, will be launched to a speed that will zoom them 1,700 feet through and under the Fremont Street Experience canopy. Riders on the lower Zipline take off about 70 feet above ground and zip 850 feet to a mid-point landing platform.

Both levels deliver a ride experience unique in the world – flying above thousands of people on Fremont Street Experience and under the Viva Vision canopy, which is the world’s largest video screen.

SlotZilla, specially designed for Fremont Street Experience by Skyline based in Hawaii, features a first-of-its-kind propulsion launch system which propels the rider from the platform at speeds of 35 mph, as well as a proprietary braking system, giving riders a smooth landing to the ride.

SlotZilla combines innovative technology with a dynamic themed concept to transcend a traditional zipline ride into a ground-breaking attraction for the amusement industry.

“The launched zipline will provide an incredible experience for riders and is a first for the zipline industry,” said Danny Boren, president of Skyline. “Additionally, this attraction will have increased guest capacity as a result of the integrated ride controls and automated safety features, which are exciting new developments for the zipline industry.”

The new zipline attraction is named “SlotZilla” as a tribute to the deep gaming roots of downtown Las Vegas. Through the creative direction of Contour Entertainment, the 120-foot-high takeoff tower will be transformed into the World’s Largest Slot Machine. Riders will actually “be the jackpot” and exit the slot machine through the pay table and coin tray.

Las Vegas visitors will not want to miss this iconic new attraction, a thrilling experience for zipline riders and a one-of-a-kind photo op for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground.

The takeoff platform is a multi-level, 11-story structure designed to look like a giant slot machine, complete with a pull-arm and reels. Each time riders leave the Zoomline platform, the arm will pull down, the reels will “spin” and a beacon will light up. The slot machine is adorned with two Vegas showgirls standing 37 feet tall and will include a 20-foot wide, 10-foot tall “Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas” sign, providing a photo op for tourists.

The ride will have two landing platforms. Zipline riders will land on a platform near the intersection at 3rd Street and Casino Center. Zoomline riders will land on a platform located on top of a new Main Street Stage.

Temporary Ride to Close:
In order to build this amazing ride, the current temporary zipline Flightlinez is closed for a short time. This will enable Flightlinez to move the current temporary platforms so that the ride can remain open during construction of the permanent SlotZilla structure.

SlotZilla Opening & Ticket Sales:
SlotZilla is scheduled to open in June 2013 and Fremont Street Experience anticipates hiring approximately 100 new employees to operate the new permanent ride.

Ticket sales are projected to be $20 for the Zipline, $30 for the Zoomline or $40 for both. For those who want to avoid the lines and book a time window for their ride, advanced ticket sales and reservations will be made available.

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