YouTube Sensation Keenan Cahill Celebrates Birthday At Palms Casino

9 Group and Palms Casino Resort presented a unique birthday bash for YouTube sensation, Keenan Cahill inside Nove Italiano Saturday, March 5, 2011. Cahill enjoyed his dinner in the lounge with a group of five, which included his father. They enjoyed Nove’s signature dishes, and Cahill indulged in chicken fingers and fries, created by Executive Chef Geno Bernardo.

Pauly D, Keenan Cahill and Vinny Guadagnino
Pauly D, Keenan Cahill and Vinny Guadagnino

Photo Credit: Joe Fury/ 9 Group

Cahill got up and performed a couple of his hit songs, including his lip-syncing rendition of Katy Perry’s hit song, “Teenage Dream.” Cahill was presented the exclusive Playboy Club key, which he will be able to use upon turning 21 in 2016. He also took a tour of the kitchen and signed Chef Geno’s celebrity door.

Keenan Cahill
Keenan Cahill With Birthday Cake
Photo Credit: Joe Fury/ 9 Group
Keenan Cahill With Playboy Key
Keenan Cahill With Playboy Club Key
Photo Credit: Joe Fury/ 9 Group

Also dining at Nove Italiano was reality star and New Jersey’s favorite DJ Pauly D. They sat at a table in the Garden Room where they enjoyed breathtaking views of the Strip.

Pauly D also joined Cahill at his table and the two performed Pauly D’s song, “Beat Dat Beat.” Pauly D helped present Cahill’s birthday cake, created by Caked Las Vegas.

Pauly D’s cast mate on Jersey Shore Vinny Guadagnino was also spotted hanging out with Pauly D and Cahill. Overall, there was great energy to the room and all the guests enjoyed being a part of Cahill’s special evening.

Following his birthday dinner, Cahill made a quick stop to N9NE Steakhouse. Seen dining was Detroit Lions athlete Ndamukong Suh with a group of seven.

Cahill made his way to Rain Nightclub and performed a once-in-a-lifetime music set in front of a packed house at Rain Nightclub. Later that night, Pauly D hit the turntables for a special edition of Perfecto Vegas.

Keenin Cahill at Rain
Keenan Cahill at Rain Nightclub
Photo Credit: Aaron Garcia
DJ Pauly D Spinning At Rain
Pauly D at Rain Las Vegas
Photo Credit: Aaron Garcia
DJ Pauly D and Deena Nicole
Pauly D and Deena Nicole Cortese
Photo Credit: Scott Monaco

The crowd went wild as he spun his beats and kept the party going all night long. Spotted hanging out with Pauly D was cast mate, Deena Nicole Cortese who sipped on mixed drinks as well as Guadagnino.

Over at Moon Nightclub, hip-hop singer Terius “The Dream” Nash, partied at a VIP table with a large group of 20.

About Keenan Cahill
Keenan Cahill is recognized the world over for his entertaining, self-produced home videos of himself lip-syncing to top-40 hits. From Elmhurst, Ill. Cahill’s popularity skyrocketed when he lip-synced to pop artist Katy Perry’s, “Teenage Dream.” Since then, he has collaborated with celebrities including, comedienne Chelsea Handler, hip-hop artist 50 Cent for his song, “Down on Me,” TV personality Jimmy Kimmel, actress Jennifer Aniston and Jersey Shore sensation, DJ Pauly D for his song, “Beat Dat Beat.”

Cahill achieved international fame through his YouTube channel, and through the years has garnered attention from celebrities and fans of all ages, resulting in more than 187 million views. Cahill was born with a rare genetic disorder called Mucopolysaccaridosis (MPS-6), which is a rare lysosomal disorder estimated to occuronce in every 340,000 live births. For more on Keenan, visit his YouTube channel or

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