ABSINTHE Celebrates The Gazillionaire's BIG Milestone At Hyde Bellagio

ABSINTHE cast headed to Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas to celebrate a special milestone for The Gazillionaire at the venue’s weekly industry party, Lost Angels.

Absinthe Cast at Hyde Bellagio
ABSINTHE Cast At Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas

Cast members including The Gazillionaire, his assistant Penny Pibbets and ABSINTHE’s Green Fairy Melody Sweets, posed for photos on the red carpet before heading inside the sleek nightclub along with a large entourage of cast mates and friends.

The Gazillionaire and Melody Sweets
The Gazillionaire and Melody Sweets
Penny Pibbets and The Gazillionaire
Penny Pibbets At The Gaz

Hyde’s performance artists greeted them with flashing lights and signs that read “W-E ♥ G-A-Z!”

We Love The Gazillionaire
The Gaz at Hyde Bellagio

The group settled into a plush VIP booth near the dance floor as The Gazillionaire jumped on the back of the couch and grabbed the mic announcing, “Last night I slept with my one millionth girl right here in Las Vegas! Let’s celebrate!” The group enjoyed drinking, dancing and entertaining guests with their signature antics throughout the night.

The Gazillionaire
The Gaz

Penny danced jokingly on the back of the couch while The Gazillionaire snacked on a bowl of spaghetti.

Penny Pibbets at Hyde Bellagio
Penny Pibbets At Hyde

Later in the night to commemorate his impressive milestone, The Gazillionaire was awarded a large gold trophy which he waved in the air as he was carried through the packed club in Hyde’s signature brass boat to the tune of The Lonely Island’s “I’m On A Boat.”

The Gazillionaire at Hyde Bellagio
The Gaz At Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas

Arriving back at his VIP table, he was presented with a colorful cake adorned with his face and “1,000,000.” The cast celebrated and partied into the early morning hours to the beats of DJ Five.

Also enjoying the party was Wayne Gretzsky. The National Hockey League player hosted a private birthday celebration at the venue earlier in the evening with family and friends including wife Janet Jones-Gretzky, actor Alan Thicke and professional golfer Dustin Johnson, who is dating Wayne and Janet’s daughter Paulina Gretzky.

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