ABSINTHE Gazillionaire And Penny Pibbets LOVE Their Special Holidays

Recently I had a chance to have a fireside chat, without the fire, there could have been one in Penny Pibbet’s hair, with ABSINTHE’s ring leader Gazillionaire and his trusty or maybe even rusty assistant Penny.  Most importantly we discussed the Gaz’s favorite day “Millionaire Day” and then Penny had her two cents with “Lucky Penny Day” as the Gaz spoke from his throne sipping an adult beverage while Penny from her folding chair with a mouth drier than a cob.

Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets Interview

Penny Pibbets and Gazillionaire
ABSINTHE Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets
Photo Credit: Bill Cody

Lucky enough for you we have some key takeaways, in case you’re hypnotized by either the Gaz or Penny, that you can follow along within the included video.

- Begin Nutty Tidbits -

During “Millionaire Day”
Celebrate the “poor” millionaires who only have four housekeepers instead of 20. It should be a charity day offering a soup kitchen serving Gazpacho or lobster bisque.

Spend it by hanging out with the Gazillionaire and get a little culture of what real money does.

The Gazillionaire at Absinthe
The Gazillionaire
Photo Credit: Erik Kabik/Retna/erikkabik.com

“Lucky Penny Day” – The day for idiots says Penny.
Collect, hide and wish on your pennies and place under your pillow for the penny queen to arrive. Then all of your dreams will come true, but only in your dreams.

The Gazillionaire
The Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets
Photo Credit: Erik Kabik/Retna/erikkabik.com

April 1, 2012 was their one-year anniversary and 500th show. 500-600 shows is approximately the lifespan of their performers and will need to be replaced and sell them off.

EMPIRE Opens in NYC on May 31 with previews on May 22th in Times Square in a crappy little lot with better acts than ABSINTHE.

There’s an impresario and his wife, ex showgirl, who should do better than the Gaz and Penny because they’re talented who are the ring leaders at EMPIRE in NYC. Oh, they happen to flaunt a bit of their “assets” may make for a more popular show.

Penny left a week earlier on Greyhound or their trip to NYC to see the setting up of EMPIRE. She apparently made noises the entire way and probably scared the riders near her.

The Gaz took a jet on his trip because he can’t stand being in the closed environment. He likes the fast jet, takes about 20 minutes, to get to NYC from LAS.

ABSINTHE - Youtube

Penny discusses there will be a national “Sock Puppet Day” coming some time in June or July, the most that she could tell. Honoring all of the used, worn and torn up socks to go with her sock puppet collection. Gaz says it’s not really a national holiday.

Gaz decides to drink and have a good time with the audience, Penny chimes in and sometimes with her sock puppet. She collects the Russian’s clothes after the show and brings them home.

Gaz describes ABSINTHE as a burlesque, vaudeville and the circus all rolled into one performance on a nine-foot circle stage in a very intimate setting. The audience’s knees are practically touching the stage. Someone may even had a performer sit on them.

You’re so close you get to see and smell the sweat of the performers. There’s no makeup and no set thrown all in the middle of everything. Finally, it’s a party!

Gaz’s favorite acts are the high-wire and never been done and so very close to the audience, Melody Sweets with burlesque and a great singer. Penny describes Angel Porrino as like a Barbie in a person, from Las Vegas. Penny says you can see the naughtiness in her.

Absinthe High Wire
The Esteemed Gentlemen of High Wire at ABSINTHE
Photo Credit: Erik Kabik/Retna/erikkabik.com
Angel Porrino
Angel Porrino at ABSINTHE
Photo Credit: Erik Kabik/Retna/erikkabik.com

They would like to not lose any more money in the next 500 ABSINTHE shows and asks that you come and enjoy it in the amazing VIP seats. Maybe even enjoy during the “Millionaire Day.” Every seat is spectacular, cheap and an absolute bargain for what you receive.

Richer, bigger and more effects they would like to achieve in the next 500 shows and some different acts.

Using social media during the show the Gaz really enjoys it. If you care to watch the show through your camera, he’s already received your money and telling other people.

ABSINTHE is promoting free teasers and trailers to their Las Vegas show. He loves it because he doesn’t have to pay for any of the social network advertising done by awed guests.

Penny thinks it’s also fun for videos posted of her because she can be a mini movie star with 200 views, 200 people who care for her. That’s awesome in her book. Hooray!

Absinthe Performers
Photo Credit: Erik Kabik/Retna/erikkabik.com

If you want VIP ABSINTHE tickets, slip someone some extra cash with large “assets.” Those “ladies” go see Gaz and others may offer Penny some cotton candy. She really enjoys cotton candy.

Celebrate “Lucky Penny Day,” save your pennies, take pictures with them, and send to Penny on twitter @PennyPibbets. Penny takes s-o-o-o-o-o long to say each of her letters in her Twitter name that the Gaz departs and makes another drink for himself.

- end of tidbits -

Penny Pibbets and Gazillionaire
Penny Pibbets and The Gazillionaire
Photo Credit: Bill Cody

Remember, you probably can celebrate “Millionaire Day” or “Lucky Penny Day” holidays any day of the year but you will never reach the status of the Gazillionaire, Penny is a different story though. Bring your extra cash to ABSINTHE and maybe you’ll get VIP seats or offer some cotton candy towards Penny so she may have even more fantastical dreams. Cheers Gaz! Photo credit: Bill Cody

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