Eco-Friendly Green Architectural Stone Unveiled By Realm of Design

Eco-friendly green architectural stone unveiled by Realm of Design to raise awareness for glass recycling. Government officials from Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, along with Clark County, Nevada, were at an event showcasing 99.8 percent renewable materials park benches.

Realm of Design
Realm of Design - Unveil of Eco-Friendly Green Architectural Benches

At a special event this morning, Realm of Design Inc. presented the Cities of Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, as well as Clark County, Nevada with park benches made out of eco-friendly architectural green stone. The green stone is an invention of Realm of Design and is made from 99.8 percent renewable materials, including pozzolan cement and 100 percent glass aggregate, with glass recycled from Mandalay Bay and Luxor Las Vegas hotels.

Held in front of the company’s new manufacturing facility, with an exterior facade also made of the green stone, Realm of Design founder Scott McComb’s addressed event attendees, reminding them of the importance of glass recycling and encouraging citizens throughout the Las Vegas Valley to recycle glass.

“Our work is only a small piece of the glass-recycling puzzle,” said McCombs. “Glass takes more than 4,000 years to decompose and is piling up in landfills. By using the glass in our green stone, we are closing the glass-recycling loop in Southern Nevada. We encourage everyone to recycle their glass and I also call on local business owners – large and small – to develop innovative solutions so we can bring them together to make a significant impact on taking care of our environment.”

Officials participating in the event were City of Henderson Councilwoman Kathleen Boutin; City of Las Vegas Sustainability Officer Thomas A. Perrigo; City of North Las Vegas Councilman Richard J. Cherchio; and Clark County, Nevada liaison to Commissioner Steve Sisolak, Tiffany Hesser – each speaking to attendees about their entities sustainability efforts. Rob Dorinson, president of Evergreen Recycling, also engaged participants about Evergreen’s mission throughout the Valley.

Realm of Design
Realm of Design - Green Architectural Stone With City Council Members

Following remarks from the speakers, McComb’s presented all three Cities and the County with a gift of a green stone park bench, each personalized with the seal or logo of the individual municipality. Each individual bench utilized 587 and a half pounds of recycled glass.

McCombs spent more than three years developing and perfecting the green stone. More than 500,000 pounds of recycled materials, including 290,000 pounds of recycled glass, was used in the construction of the exterior facade of the company’s new manufacturing facility. The design of the new building was inspired by the Swarkestone Hall Pavilion in England—the location of one of The Rolling Stones most famous photo shoots.

“We are excited to offer the green stone to our clients, giving them an opportunity to create their own design vision while being green and helping the environment,” said McCombs.

Realm of Design
Realm of Design - Glass Recycling Event - Recycled Bench

Realm of Design is also offering the innovative and environmentally friendly green stone to its clients. The green stone can be developed into several interior and exterior architectural elements including: columns, balustrades, fireplaces, mantels, flooring, wall sconces, fountains, domes and gazebos, among others.

Realm of Design is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 1188 Center Point Drive, Henderson, NV 89074. The new manufacturing facility is adjacent to the showroom. For additional information on Realm of Design products, including green architectural stone, call 702.566.1188 or visit Photo Credit: Courtesy

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