Floyd Mayweather Jr Winner In 12 Round Decision Vs Oscar De La Hoya

De La Hoya Vs MayweatherFloyd Mayweather Jr. vs Oscar De La Hoya fight has Mayweather winner in 12 round split decision at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas real estate. Mayweather used his superior speed and superb defensive skills to win the WBC 154-pound title in his first fight at that weight. Boxing’s bad boy beat the Golden Boy in one of the most anticipated and richest boxing fights ever.

Mayweather Jr. couldn’t win over his father, or even the crowd. All he could win was the fight against Oscar De La Hoya.

The De La Hoya crowd yelled and roared with every exciting punch. Mayweather landed more punches than De La Hoya to take the win.

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Oscar De La Hoya gave frequent flurries against the ropes, but faded late against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Although neither fighter went down or seemed to get hurt the fight kept everyone’s attention and entertained them, too.

The final round finished with a brawl that De La Hoya was looking for the entire match. That came too late for the Golden Boy who, on two scorecards, lost four of the last five rounds.

Almost every round De La Hoya corned Mayweather on the ropes and punched hard to his head. The bulk of the punches missed allowing Mayweather to escape.

There were 16,200 fans in the sellout crowd who paid $19 million gate.

Mayweather has never lost in his pro fighting career and won a title for the fifth time.

The Associated Press had Mayweather winning 116-112. Mayweather was favored 115-113 by judge Jerry Roth and 116-112 by judge Chuck Giampa. Judge Tom Kaczmarek had De La Hoya ahead 115-113.

The fight ended with the two fighters pounding each other at the final bell and the crowd on its feet. They then stopped and embraced each other.

In the end, Mayweather was more slippery and faster, and landed more punches. Source: NBC

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Floyd Mayweather Jr is winner in 12 round split decision vs Oscar De La Hoya in Las Vegas, NV.

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