Glee's Mark Salling Celebrates His Solo Album at TAO Las Vegas Oct 2

Glee’s Mark Salling celebrates his solo album ‘Pipe Dreams’ at TAO Las Vegas nightclub on Saturday, October 2, 2010. The FOX tv show actor who plays jock Puck will celebrate with the American Red Cross charity.

Glee's Mark Salling at TAO
Glee’s TV Star Mark Salling at TAO Las Vegas October 2

The album will be distributed through Pipe Dreams Records, his own label. “Pipe Dreams” will feature classic rock ‘n’ roll, ’60s folk-beat era and alternative music sound. Salling will writes, performs and produces each track on his new album.

The album will drop October 12, 2010 and it’s first single, “Lone Ranger,” “serves as a musical anthem to the disenfranchised soul in all of us.”

Come celebrate with Salling at one of Vegas’ hottest clubs.

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