How European Design, Academics & Technology Converge At Beauty Of Tech

Where does the beauty of tech originate? Where is it heading? How can we find it and leverage technologies to make the world a better place? Partly, the beauty of tech works behind-the-scenes, connecting it when we need and want it. Thankfully for the companies interested in creating the infrastructure they are investing in our future and sharing how we will advance at the fourth European Huawei Innovation Day, June 14-15, 2016 in Paris, France.

A Better Connected World by Huawei

European Huawei Innovation Day 2016
4th European Huawei Innovation Day - Beauty Of Tech

At this Huawai event, industry experts, senior executives and thought leaders elaborated on the trends of cutting-edge technologies in their respective fields. They also expressed their understanding of beauty resulting from the integration of technology and aesthetics, and shared their thoughts and insights on the beauty of tech, a brief story of 5G, and the beauty of Mathematics.

To put into perspective the technology needed to support the very active connected lifestyle we have, here is what happens Every Internet Minute in 2016.

An Internet Minute In 2016
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

  • 150 million emails sent
  • 701,389 logins on Facebook
  • 527,760 photos shared on Snapchat
  • 69,444 hours watched on Netflix
  • 2.4 million search queries on Google
  • 2.78 million video views on Youtube
  • 51,000 app downloads on Apple’s App Store
  • $203,596 in sales on
  • 347,222 tweets on Twitter
  • 120+ new Linkedin accounts
  • 1.04 million vine loops
  • 28,194 new posts to Instagram
  • 20.8 million messages on WhatsApp
  • 38,052 hours of music listened to on Spotify
  • 972,222 Tinder swipes
  • 1,389 Uber rides
The Merging Worlds Of Technology And Cars
The Merging Worlds Of Technology And Cars by Bloomberg

Other industries are forging partnerships with tech partners as seen in this connected vehicle and IoT infographic, the merging worlds of technology and the automotive industry. The auto industry is now more than the production of vehicles, creating alliances and a thriving ecosystem by becoming more integrated in our life with IoT partners.

“The Beauty of Tech”, a topic explored by great minds from industry and academia: Luke Ibbetson, Vodafone Group R&D Director; Mathieu Lehanneur, a world top 10 designer; Darrell M. West, founding director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution; Cédric Villani, member of the French Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris, and winner of the Fields Medal; Zhu Peiying, Huawei Fellow and leading expert in global 5G research.

4th Euro Huawei Innovation Day - Beauty of Tech

This was Huawei’s flagship event series that focuses on global innovation and open partnership, considered as one of the most important industry events organized by Huawei in Europe for 2016. This year, the high-end industry event was held at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, a neo-classical mansion and historical monument, located in the heart of the golden triangle in Paris. Previous events were held in Milan, Munich and Stockholm.

William Xu At Huawei Innovation Day
William Xu At The 4th European Huawei Innovation Day
Photo: Huawei

The welcome keynote delivered by William Xu, Huawei’s Executive Director of the Board and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer, touched on the importance of mathematics and the opening of a Mathematics Research Center in France, the second of its kind with Huawei’s first Mathematics Research Center located in Russia.

The center is also part of Huawei’s goal to work closely with French academia to create a thriving academic ecosystem focused on ICT development. To date, Huawei has established 16 research centers worldwide, including the France Research Center, under which there are four teams respectively focusing on design, digital imaging, mathematics, and home devices.

William Xu and Thierry Mandon
William Xu And Thierry Mandon
Photo: Huawei

Xu remarked, “Mathematics is the tool used to make everything possible. For example, mathematical logic and algorithms are the foundation for effectively managing massive amounts of data traffic. Now, mathematical research is leading to brand-new breakthroughs in the ICT industry. France has been the birthplace of many world-class mathematicians.” Xu continued, “Huawei is committed to innovation and has been investing in R&D in the area of massive data traffic transmissions over the past 29 years. We invest 10%–15% of our sales revenue in R&D every year. Our long-term, patient investment has led to strategic breakthroughs.”

Interview de Thierry Mandon - Huawei Innovation days 2016

Thierry Mandon, France’s Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research said: “The opening of Huawei’s Mathematics Research Center in France reflects France’s outstanding achievements in mathematics education, and recognizes how our cutting-edge research can be leveraged to meet global ICT challenges.”

Interview Cédric Villani - Huawei Innovation Days 2016

How is wireless technology reshaping our lives? Cédric Villani, a French mathematician working primarily on mathematical physics, optimal transport, and Riemannian geometry lead us on a thought-provoking journey into the “Beauty of Mathematics.” He is now the Director of the Institut Henri Poincaré and a member of the French Academy of Sciences.

In 2010, Cédric Villani was awarded the Fields Medal, often described as the ‘Nobel Prize of Mathematics, for his work on Landau damping and the Boltzmann equation. Fields medals are awarded every four years and are restricted to researchers under the age of 40.

Villani says the key to success is hard work, and trial and error. What if we fail repeatedly? Sometimes, that is what really happens. So success is accidental, and good luck also plays a role. Countless trials are the only way one might one day be rewarded with some good luck.

Global leading expert in 5G research and Huawei’s first female Fellow, Dr. Zhu Peiying, discussed the “The Beauty of 5G,” and shared how she views the beauty of connectivity enabled by 5G and wireless technologies.

Unlike past technologies, 5G will penetrate deeper into many different industries, such as autonomous driving and robots. These industries have very high demand on latency and reliability. We have seen many uncertainties. The first uncertainty is whether we can use one system, or one network to support diversified services. But 4G or 4.5G networks will not be completely replaced in the age of 5G. The coexistence of these two systems is expected.

In 2009, Huawei started theoretical research in 5G. Through research into key technologies, they hope to effectively develop 5G standards and ecosystem. The first of 5G will be deployed in 2018; the second in 2019; and 5G is expected to see its commercial use in 2020.

Chief Designer of the Huawei Aesthetics Research Center, Mathieu Lehanneur, shared with us “a design journey with Huawei.” Lehanneur is known for sensibly combining design, art, and technology. Air, water, sound, and light are his inspirations and form the basis of his work.

Counted among the world’s most famous French designers, has been named as one of the world’s top 10 designers multiple times by prestigious ranking organizations in the UK and the US. His works are also exhibited in the permanent collections of Centre Pompidou and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Lehanneur designs for big brands such as Cartier, Issey Miyake and JCDecaux.

President of Huawei’s Wireless Network Marketing Operations, Qiu Heng, discussed the “Beauty of Cellular Technology” and how it will reshape our lives.

Heng, compared telecom operators to galloping horses, as the mobile network equipment providers are more like horseshoes. The horseshoes are always needed for horses to forge ahead. It takes experience to make durable horseshoes for the future.

Mobile network equipment providers must continuously invest in innovation to support the continued leadership of telecom operators. In 2015 alone, Huawei invested 9.2 billion US dollars in R&D. In the last 20-plus years, Huawei has set up 16 R&D centers and 31 joint innovation centers, joined over 300 standards organizations, industry alliances, and open communities. Remaining dedicated and innovating, producing the best horseshoes, is also a kind of beauty—the beauty of perseverance.

In the U.S. you may not have heard of Huawei, take-notice, they are creating mind-share and the technology of our future as evident by some of their current accolades. Publisher of the highly influential annual Top 100 Best Global Brands ranking, Interbrand, has listed Huawei as #88.

For a decade, BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, has ranked brands according to the insights from Millward Brown. New entry Huawei, is ranked #70 by BrandZ: Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2015.

Shaped by the attitudes of the millennial generation, consumer values evolved. Consumers now view high quality products that offer good value for money as a basic entitlement. They scrutinize brands and favor those that protect the health of their customers and the planet. All these changes happened in the context of the other ubiquitous disruptor – technology. Technology transformed every brand in every category over the past decade – sometimes radically according to Millward Brown.

4th European Huawei Innovation Days 2016

‘In Europe, for Europe’ is the Huawei proposition in its efforts to further Europe’s though-leadership and leads its technology contribution to Europe. Huawei will share its expertise in the ICT industry providing leading ICT infrastructure with European industry players to help them develop and maintain their core competitive advantages with its European partners.

In addition to admiring the beauty of technology, we also need the wisdom to discover the beauty and spirit of innovation and evolution. Where does the beauty of technology come from and where is it heading?

Innovation and tech is connecting us all. Making cities better, transportation systems smarter, logistics smoother, in industry productivity higher, conferences more efficient, designs more beautiful, in life, living more informed, learning more powerful, growing up more memorable, traveling is smoother, e-commerce is safer, social networks are closer.

The beauty of life is everywhere waiting to be uncovered. The beauty of technology is no different, for time drives its discovery and focus delivers its breakthrough. Knowing where we stand today will help us plan for tomorrow. Together. We Create. A Better Connected World.

Disclosure: My transportation and lodging were complimentary. I was not compensated for my post. All opinions are my own.

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