Jesse James, Actress Sandra Bullock's Ex, Talks About Adultery /Video

Jesse James, celebrity and actress Sandra Bullock’s ex husband, speaks about adultery tonight on ABC News’ “Nightline” interview. Below is a clip where James speaks about giving a Nazi salute and adopting a child.

Jesse James tonight speaks about his side of the story and going from living a ‘dream life’ and ‘threw it away by my own hands.’ He hasn’t added much to the series of events that turned his life upside down.

Below we caught up with his mistress Michelle ‘BombShell’ McGee complete with body tattoos. She showed many tattoos except the controversial one hidden beneath her bangs.

Michelle ‘BombShell’ McGee

Michelle 'BombShell' McGee Jesse James tattooed mistress at D... on Twitpic

The entire interview can be seen tonight on ‘Nightline’ tonight.

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