Las Vegas New Year's Eve Fireworks Largest New Years Eve In The World

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Las Vegas New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular on the Las Vegas Strip amaze over 303,000 fans.  People from all over the world have converged on this amazing city to gaze at the midnight fireworks spectacular by the Grucci team atop the seven hotels.

Thousands of fireworks shells loaded by 50 pyrotechnicians to produce the largest New Year’s Eve 2007 fireworks show in the world.  The more than three miles of wire have been triple checked for their connections.

Fireworks by Grucci team have spent about five days on seven Las Vegas Strip hotels to produce the spectacular.  Grucci Butler is based in New York, New York.  They have produced fireworks at the Statue of Liberty and in Times Square.  As you can imagine, nothing compares to the pageantry of Vegas.

Visitors to Las Vegas, Nevada are expected to spend $211,500,000.

According to the Las Vegas convention and visitors authority more than 303,000 people are expected to visit for the New Year’s Eve Weekend.

10 new hip restaurants and nightclubs opened for New Year’s Day.

By the time the clock strikes midnight, the Fireworks by Grucci team will have spent the better part of five days atop seven Strip hotels setting up what’s billed as the largest New Year’s Eve fireworks show in the world.

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Las Vegas New Year’s Eve fireworks billed as largest New Year’s Eve in the world.

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