M Resort Las Vegas Is Expected To Open For Business On March 1, 2009

M Las Vegas HotelM Resort Las Vegas is expected to open for business on March 1, 2009.  The local $1 billion Las Vegas hotel casino on 93 acres of land will have 390 rooms, nine restaurants, 90,000 square foot casino, 2.3 acres of luxurious pool, 20,000 square foot spa and 60,000 square feet of meeting areas.

Similar to Eastside Cannery hotel casino, M Resort is finishing the interiors of the 16th floor contemporary nightclub and trendy restaurant, Veloce Cibo.

The huge undertaking by Anthony Marnell III started 17 months ago when ground breaking occurred.  Since then the economic landscape has drastically changed and nearby neighborhoods or businesses have halted or canceled construction.
Marnell says the resort will generate its own market and not from the immediate residences at Inspirada.  M Las Vegas hotel casino is the first to be located south end of the Strip near Southern Highlands, Anthem, Seven Hills and Sun City Athem.  Room prices are expected to range from $85 to $200 a night depending on the day of the week.

The planning for the Las Vegas commercial real estate has continued for the past four years.  Accumulating parcels for the project took two years that cost $300 million.  The construction has cost nearly $700 million.

A huge 1.3 million square foot M Resort shopping mall has been delayed until after 2012 due to contract negotiations with a 14 screen multiplex Galaxy Theaters.

The parcel the Las Vegas resort is situated on is larger than the mega MGM Mirage Project CityCenter Las Vegas 76 acre development located on the Strip.  Their master plan makes for future expansion.

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M Resort Las Vegas is expected to open for business on March 1, 2009.

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