North Las Vegas Hotels Continue Next To Nevada Army National Guard

ForeclosuresNorth Las Vegas hotels continue next to Nevada Army National Guard. This week the City Council approved a gaming zone on North Las Vegas land near the training grounds at the Las Vegas Beltway and I-15.  There were concerns of security and safety for the guests for these developments.

The Miller hotel casinos on 73 acres, by real estate developer Milrose Company Inc., include two eight story hotel towers with 500 guest rooms each.

The National Guard has had some concern over their training activities including shooting or driving tanks noise and how it would affect the hotel guests.  The North Las Vegas casinos decided to limit visibility to the training area and build a large wall with fencing around the perimeter.

The National Guard initially fought the plan, saying the placement of the Miller Hotel and Casino project so close to military personnel who may be shooting, driving tanks and performing training drills at any hour of the day or night presents obvious safety and security concerns.

The City Council formed a special committee to formulate solutions to the noise and placement difficulties of the project.

Let’s see what the developer for The Miller Las Vegas hotel decides to do with the noise and dust from their adjoining neighbors.

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North Las Vegas hotels continue next to Nevada Army National Guard.

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