Socialite Nicky Hilton Buys $1,000 In Candy For Boyfriend Katzenberg

Socialite and fashion designer Nicky Hilton buys $1,000 worth of candy from Miracle Mile’s famous “candy stand” Sugar Factory for her boyfriend, David Katzenberg on March 19, 2010.

Nicky Hilton at the Sugar Factory
Socialite Nicky Hilton at The Sugar Factory Las Vegas

The jetsetters flew into Las Vegas and made a quick stop at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas location to conquer their sweet tooth. The fashionista and Paris Hilton’s sister purchased custom gift baskets by Sugar Factory and several lollipops to go.

The time inside the Sugar Factory was very quick and calculated. Baskets were ready for Hiton’s bodyguard to quickly swoop up and be on their way to the many celebrity events that filled the weekend. Photo credit Sean Reichle

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