Veteran's Day Lifetime Surprise To 1st Sgt. Thomas B Lund At Hard Rock

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino surprised 1st Sgt. Thomas B. Lund with the ultimate military retirement gift, Friday, Nov. 9. The property arranged complimentary once-in-a-lifetime luxe accommodations in its infamous “Real World Suite,” giving Sgt. Lund and his wife Tayde Lund a dream night in Las Vegas as they attended the 237th Marine Corps Birthday Ball and celebrated his retirement from the military, after 20 years of service. Sgt. Lund was completely shocked by the presentation.

1st Sgt Thomas B Lund and Wife
1st Sgt Thomas B. Lund and Wife

Informed that he was being pampered by an afternoon at the spa, his reaction to the suite was priceless. In complete awe, he couldn’t believe what was happening before his eyes.

1st Sgt Thomas B Lund Surprise
1st Sgt. Thomas B. Lund With A Surprise From Wife

Ms. Lund had pulled off something truly special for her husband. After an emotional moment between the couple, Master Butler Valentino Crespo popped a celebratory bottle of Vueve Clicquot champagne, presented Sgt. Lund with a custom cake designed by the hotel’s baker resembling Uncle Sam’s famous hat and treated the couple to Banana’s Foster.

Master Butler Valentino Crespo
Master Butler Valentino Crespo

Sgt. Lund rolled a lucky strike at the suite’s bowling alley and tried his hand at a game of pool before retreating to the master bedroom for a romantic couples’ massage and primping for a night on the town at the 237th Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

1st Sgt Thomas B Lund Bowling
1st Sgt. Thomas B. Lund Bowling

Born from a simple wish via email to the property by Ms. Lund, this unique opportunity couldn’t be turned down. MTV hit reality show “The Real World,” has always been a source of bonding for the couple. During deployments to Afghanistan, he would watch old episodes in his free time.

1st Sgt Thomas B Lund Playing Pool
1st Sgt. Thomas B. Lund Playing Pool

The Las Vegas season at Hard Rock Hotel was the couple’s favorite and Ms. Lund wanted to start her husband’s retirement and their new life out of the military with a complete bang.

1st Sgt Thomas B Lund and Wife
1st Sgt. Thomas B. Lund And Wife
1st Sgt Thomas B Lund and Wife
1st Sgt. Thomas B. Lund and Wife Ms. Lund

She tried her luck with the hotel and asked for a night in the suite. They complied, making the Lund’s story the sweetest Veterans Day gift a military member could receive. Photo credit: Hew Burney/Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

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