Will The US Marshals Operate Crazy Horse Too Las Vegas Topless Club?

Crazy Horse TooWill the US Marshals operate the Crazy Horse Too Las Vegas Topless Club?  Last week they received more time to consider operational consideration with the proper exotic dancing and alcohol permits or a sale of the real estate.

The gentlemen’s club was seized in August 2007 from its former owner because he pleaded guilty to tax evasion several years ago.  The expected sale of the commercial real estate would have paid the fines totaling millions of dollars and had not transpired.  A $4.2 million cash forfeiture order was placed on the establishment.

Since the takeover the real estate has dropped in value from $48 million to approximately the current vale of $4.6 million.  Proper permits would raise the value of the topless club and operation by the US Marshals would be unique.  The federal government doesn’t concur with the removal of the dance and alcohol permits by the city council.

The lien holder, Security Pacific Bank, wants to foreclose but a federal judge granted more time to figure the fate of the property.  The current economic condition and credit crunch continues to chip away at its value and the bank doesn’t know if it will recover the value of its indebtedness.

There has been interest to buy the Crazy Horse Too, but purchase offers from $30 million to $48 million never closed.

During the 1980’s the IRS became bankruptcy trustee operator of the Mustang Ranch brother for unpaid taxes.  That arrangement didn’t work and the property was sold. Source: Review Journal

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Will the US Marshals operate Crazy Horse Too Las Vegas Topless Club?

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