World Series Of Beer Pong IV In Las Vegas Has $50,000 Winner Payout

World Series Of Beer PongWorld Series of Beer Pong IV in Las Vegas has $50,000 winner payout.  The largest beer pong tournament in the world started its preliminary events January 2-3, 2009 at the Flamingo hotel casino.

Beer pong players created the organized beer pong tourney event.  College students have made this form of entertainment very popular.  Last year 39 U.S. States and several Canadian Provinces provided almost 600 players and the news of the event went worldwide.  This year representation from 45 states produced almost 800 beer pong competitors.

Today is the final day of competition for the crowning event of The World Series of Beer Pong IV champion and $50,000 prize.  A year’s worth of official satellite competitions have been completed or you could have purchased a buy in for $500 entry fee.  Some thought they have what it takes and chose the buy-in.

During the World Series beer pong competition, there are two days of preliminary rounds with six games.  At the completion of each game a team member must decide by how many cups a competitor won the match.  The top 128 teams compete for the finals.  News of the winner is announced as the last team has survived at the Las Vegas event.

WSOBP Rules require game play on an 8 foot BPONG Tables.  Two team members on either side of the table try to land ping pong balls within 10 beer filled cups before their opponent.  A win happens when a player sinks a ball into the cup and the other team must drink.  During the competition some cups are filled with water and its not mandatory to drink the beer.

Shenanigans are used during tournament play to distract their opponents from landing a ball including costumes of all sorts and showing beer bellies.

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World Series of Beer Pong IV in Las Vegas has $50,000 winner payout.

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