Zumba Fitness 'Exercise In Disguise' Energizes Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruise vacationers who wish to get in shape are in for a treat, as Norwegian Cruise Line will introduce the popular international-inspired dance-fitness program Zumba Fitness to its ships beginning this spring. Norwegian will offer a variety of energetic Zumba® classes on every cruise, led by licensed Zumba® instructors who are part of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN™).

Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness
ZUMBA Fitness

Encouraging guests to “ditch the workout and join the party,” the Zumba program is contagious, combining high-energy dance music including hip-hop, salsa, African beats and Reggaton with fun, global-inspired dance moves to create an irresistible calorie-burning bash.

“We are excited to bring Zumba Fitness onboard our ships and offer guests not just a new way to work out, but an exhilarating and easy-to-follow dance fitness-party,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line CEO.

With 14 million followers across the globe in more than 150 countries, Zumba is an international movement, turning the dreaded “work out” into a fun-filled celebration known as “exercise in disguise,” where participants can burn up to 1,000 calories. Norwegian Cruise Line will offer a selection of the most popular Zumba classes at no charge, beginning this spring in a phased roll out to its ships.

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