2009 Legends Bartending Championship Crowns World$s Best Bartender

The Legends of Bartending competition is March 1 – 3, 2009 at LAX nightclub inside the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2009 Legends XI World Bartending Championship awards $30,000 in cash and prizes with a $10,000 grand prize awarded along with title of World’s Greatest Bartender” event.
The event is has two days: qualifying and finals day.  Qualifying day will contain three rounds to whittle down from 75 to 9 competitors.  The rounds will include accuracy, speed and exhibition/working round.

Bartending Air Flair

There are strict schematics, location of bottles, mixers, display bottles and well area for the flair and speed challenges.

Legends of Bartending

A master drink list will all of the planned drinks have been published for all competitors to become familiar with regulation drink recipes.

The accuracy round will test the bartender’s pour to one-thousandth of an ounce.  The speed round will produce cocktails with the most accurate and quickest skills possible.  The final round is the working/exhibition flair round.  Bartenders are asked to juggle throw and most importantly bottle flip, entertain and perform drink making with style.

Bartending Speed

The flair round in Las Vegas, NV has two components: working and exhibition.  Working flair is your unique style with objects used in the drink making process from behind the bar without detracting from service.  Exhibition flair will include low liquid level bottles that are set to a music routine.  Bartenders are seen with two up to six bottles during the competition.

Bartending Flair

Legends of Bartending event will have contestants from all over the world including USA, Italy, Argentina, Peru, England, Japan, Colombia, South Korea, New Zealand, Uruguay, Austria, Israel, Romania, Guam and Finland

A rule for the event includes: “In the Speed and Working Flair Rounds, the only object that may begin or end up in the working ice bin are ice scoops. Anything else left in the ice at the end of the round will fall under the UNSANITARY PROCEDURE penalty, this includes tins that have been used to scoop ice.”

Bartending Speed

There will be several divisions for winning bartenders including a pro division, advanced division and individual rounds.

The bartending competition prizes:


$10,000 - Champion
$2,500 - 2nd Place
$2,000 – 3 – 5 Place
$1,500 – 6 – 9 Place


$1,000 - Champion
$500 - 2nd Place
$400 - 3rd Place
$300 - 4th Place
$200 - 5th Place

Various prizes will be awarded for individual rounds including Finest Call Stall champion, Pour Off champion and Speed off champion.

March 2 was qualifying day for everyone and finished at 9 pm at LAX nightclub.

Bartending Flair

Grand Finals are today for the 2009 Legends of Bartending in Las Vegas.  The day started off with working, speed and flair rounds until 5 pm.  The main even with finals are later this evening until 1 am.

The events don’t stop especially with bartenders!  The after party goes all night long.

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2009 Legends Bartending Championship crownds world’s best bartender.

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