Britney Spears Exits Stage Left & MTV Video Music Awards Go Hollywood

MTV Music Video AwardsBritney Spears exits stage left and MTV Video Music Awards go to Hollywood, CA for the current Sept 7 broadcast awards ceremony.  Announced this week, the broadcast will move from Las Vegas, NV, last year’s location to the Paramount Pictures Studios in California.

This year the large amount of real estate within Paramount Pictures Studio will be host to the awards ceremony.  Music performers will take stage on rooftops, sound stages and the studio’s lot.

Why not make this year’s awards what the viewer’s decide upon.  MTV will ask its audience of young web enthusiasts to vote on the nominees.

This year’s show will be the 25th year of the VMAs.  How can anything top last year’s divas and drama exhibited at the cramped quarters of the Palms Las Vegas?  That’s a tall order for MTV.

Los Angeles is the perfect backdrop for the musical heritage and beautiful people of pop culture the awards are famous for.

Weight LossIf you were lucky enough to see the performance of Britney Spears on TV rather than the body to body filled lobby of the Palms casino you would have seen her comeback was a mess.  The pop star was out of breadth, out of shape and out of touch.

The drama didn’t stop with Britney.  Kanye West, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock added their own reality show spin to the show.

MTV has televised the show from New York and Miami, Florida.  The last time it was televised in from Los Angeles was 10 years ago. Picture: Review journal

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Britney Spears exits stage left and MTV Video Music Awards go Hollywood.

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