Caesars Palace Concierge Jasmin Vitale Receives Les Clefs d'Or Award

Caesars Palace concierge supervisor Jasmin “Jas” Vitale has received the prestigious honor of a Les Clefs d’Or (pronounced “lay clay door”), which is French for “the keys of gold,” by the prestigious namesake concierge organization.  Displayed on a concierge’s uniform lapels, the crossed gold key symbol assures travelers they are dealing with a seasoned professional who is dedicated to serving their every need.

Caesars Palace Concierge Jas Vitale
Caesars Palace Concierge Jas Vitale Wearing Les Clef d’Or

Vitale began his concierge career at Caesars Palace in 2006 before moving to MGM Grand Hotel & Casino for a short time. In 2011, Vitale rejoined the Caesars Palace concierge team as a supervisor. The world-renowned destination resort now has five esteemed Les Clefs d’Or concierges on its staff. Les Clefs d’Or is an organization for concierge members from across the globe who work to foster the professional development of concierges in the hotel industry by promoting tourism and the highest standards of service for hotel guests.

The members of Les Clefs d’Or USA represent more than 100,000 hotel rooms nightly at more than 250 primarily four- and five-star properties.  Les Clefs d’Or is the only national association of professional hotel concierges in the United States , and has more than 550 members in 32 states.

Caesars Palace will host one of the convention days for the upcoming 2012 Pan American Congress of Les Clefs d’Or with close to 500 attendees from all across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil on Saturday, April 28. Photo credit: Caesars Palace

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