Celebrity Impersonators Descend On Las Vegas For The Reel Awards

Celebrity impersonators in Las Vegas for The 20th Annual Production of The Reel Awards held at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas on Thursday, February 24, 2011. Awards will be presented in 16 categories for excellence in the field of impersonation.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Ryan Fraley as Brad Pitt and Tatiana Turan as Angelina Jolie
Photo Credit: Scott Harrison/Retna/ HarrisonPhotos.com

Awards Show Nominees and other VIP Celebrity Impersonators, Look-Alikes, Sound-Alikes, Tribute Artists, Awards Show Presenters and Awards Show Entertainers, all of whom will be bejeweled and high accessorized to the hilt, hobnobbing and engaging in small chat to the delight of all those in attendance, including the glitterati, paparazzi and hyperventilating fans hoping to catch a glimpse of them.

Michael Jackson
Michael Firestone as Michael Jackson
George W. Bush
Brent Mendenhall as Pres George W. Bush
Ozzy Osbourne
Don Rugg as Ozzy Osbourne
Robert Pattinson
Brandon Register Watford as Robert Pattinson
Oprah Winfrey
Carole Woodle as Oprah Winfrey
Marilyn Monroe
Janet Valentine as Marilyn Monroe

The 20th Annual Production of THE REEL AWARDS will recognize the talents and achievements of outstanding individuals or groups who perform in the field of impersonation. THE REEL AWARDS was initially conceived in 1989 by Janna Joos of International Celebrity Images and Alana Joos of Entertainment Express.

Pres Barack Obama
Aaron Norvell as Pres Barack Obama
Johnny Depp
Ronnie Rodriguez as Johnny Depp
Jay Leno
Marcel Forestieri as Jay Leno
Dog Chapman Bounty Hunter
Kevin Gilger as Dog The Bounty Hunter
Bret Michaels
Shannon Michaels Taylor as Bret Michaels
Joyce Soda as Cher

Together they came up with the idea of an Awards Show for Celebrity Impersonators and Look-Alikes as a way of acknowledging their professional performances in the entertainment industry, as well as encouraging up and coming new talent.

Tupak Shakur
Tupak Shakur
Tina Turner
Hollie Vest as Tina Turner
Willie Nelson
Roy Hammock as Willie Nelson

The first Awards Show was presented in March 1992 in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the home of the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1928. THE REEL AWARDS lovingly spoofs other awards shows like the Academy Awards. Instead of the “Oscar,” the award recipients receive the “Can,” which is a film reel inscribed with the category and winner’s name.

The roster of Celebrity Impersonators and Look-Alikes has made this event a favorite with the general public and media alike. Celebrity Impersonators from around the country and the globe come together for this annual event.

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