Flash Mob At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Led By Top Youtuber Shay Carl

Flash mob at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas casino at 7:07 pm on November 28, 2009. Looked like hundreds of people including top Youtubers, Shaycarl from Shaytards, projblogsphere, THEkrismohfanz were in attendance along with many of their closest friends for the impromptu Las Vegas event. Special thanks to @24K for flash mob video coverage!

Updated 2:57 pm PT Nov. 30.

The song chosen for the Las Vegas flash mob dance was called PHamous, paying homage to the hotel in which the event happened on the Las Vegas Strip. It was produced especially for this exciting event and may be released to the general public.

“PHamous” was produced by Bruce Waynne and DIrty Swift for MIDI Mafia. The flash mob song features featuring Alycia, Chanel and Bruce Waynne.

Shaycarl was dressed in a white shirt, black jacket, a dark pant, white hat and white glasses. He started the flash mobsters in Vegas and many followed. You can see him in the flash mob #phmobsters Youtube video holding the flip cam on himself.

About 45 seconds into the flash mob video several mobsters were choreographed including a break dancer and scantily clad back up girls. All mayhem broke loose and people were dancing on the floor, on top of tables and all over the casino!

Featured flash mob dancers from Youtube were: Shay Carl, Rawn, Denise Vlogs, Mystery Guitar Man, Lisa Nova and KassemG with an appearance of GregoryMichael in a tux shirt, bowtie and suspenders!

The flash mob dance details:
Directed by: Justin Purser
Produced by: Christian Heuer
Choreogrophy by: Kris Mohfanz

Congratulations to Flash Mob Participants.

Almost at the end of the Phamous song 100’s gathered chanting, singing, throwing their hands in the air and the excitement finally came to a crescendo with the entire mob stopping and looking upward. To which a triumphant group of Youtubers, Las Vegans and people in the casino cheered for the accomplishment and excitement of the first Las Vegas casino flash mob.

Watch the Flash Mob After Party At Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Part 2 + Part 3 with Shay Carl and phmobsters.

Congrats to the #phmobsters event all the way from Southern California and making November 28, 2009 infamous in the history books for the Las Vegas PHamous Flash Mob.

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