HOOTERS Las Vegas NV Hotel Soon To Shed Their Orange Short Shorts

HOOTERS Las VegasHOOTERS Las Vegas NV hotel soon to shed their orange short shorts. A California based investment group will rebrand and redevelop the property into a boutique hotel for $130 million.

The $225 million commercial real estate deal is expected to close at the end of spring by Hedwigs Las Vegas Top Tier for the Las Vegas hotel casino.

The redevelopment will include a casino and entertainment boutique complex. Dodd Mitchell, designer from Los Angeles, CA, will keep the existing structure for future plans.

Some of the 727 hotel rooms will be changed into suites as well as gaining more casino space for the redesign. The property may close during renovation of a year and a half.

The real estate deal was supposed to close last year, but Hedwigs delayed it due to the current market conditions and last week paid a $500,000 nonrefundable fee to keep exclusive purchase rights.

Outside joint ventures with a boutique hotel operator, nightclub owners and high end restaurant operators is expected soon.

The current brand isn’t making the desired profit from its guests. Giving it a new luxury redevelopment Hedwigs hopes to regain the over $500,000 loss in clash flow for the quarter year to date.

Hooters hotel was the former Hotel San Remo in February 2006.

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HOOTERS Las Vegas NV hotel soon to shed their orange short shorts.

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