Luxury At Fingertip With Nobu Hotel At Caesars Palace Mobile App Feb 4

The world’s first Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace Las Vegas opens its doors on Feb. 4, it will offer its guests an indulgent, luxurious experience like no other. Additionally, it will deliver unparalleled concierge service and all the activities and amenities that Nobu and Caesars has to offer – in one mobile app.

Nobu Hotel Mobile App
NOBU Hotel Mobile App

The distinctive multi-platform solution is available via smartphones, tablets and computers. Through its custom designed app, the hotel can engage guests more effectively than ever before, wherever the guest is located and on his or her own schedule.

For example, guests can check into Nobu Hotel via its app while en route to the hotel and your personal valet will await you curbside with your room key upon arrival. Guests may order Nobu classics directly to their rooms, obtain dynamic recommendations for the best entertainment at Caesars Palace and around town, and even message their personal concierge to handle ‘any’ request around-the-clock.

Nobu Hotel App Facts:

  • Nobu App provides guests convenience, time-savings and VIP direct access to Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace staff.
  • The Nobu App can be downloaded either through iTunes for iOS users, Google Play for Android or at through any web based device, laptop or computer.
  • The Nobu App can help personalize and tailor guests stays before they even arrive. For example, - The Pre Arrival survey allows the Nobu Hotel to provide for guests every whim before arrival. The Pre Arrival Button lets the hotel know guests on the way and further expedites check-in.
  • The “Nobu Perks” section allows VIP access to everything Caesars has to offer, from show bookings to spa appointments and dinner reservations. The Nobu App even provides the ability to order from the Nobu in-room dining menu right to your room.
  • Using the Nobu App provides an unparalleled level of service in Las Vegas. The more guests use it, the more the hotel can cater the guest experience to make the stay more personalized and customized for the most discriminating guests.

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