Master Photographer Rodney LOugh, Jr. During Crystals' Meet The Artist

Master photographer Rodney LOugh, Jr., unveiled his newest work “Waterfall in the Garden” during Crystals’ meet the artist event May 24.  During this rare award-winning master photographer quarterly Meet the Artist series guests were able to see his newest release, bask in awe inspiring works of art and his eye for composition.

Rodney Lough, Jr.

Rodney Lough, Jr Gallery
rLo Gallery at Crystals

Rodney Lough, Jr Gallery
Rodney LOugh, Jr. Wilderness Collection Gallery Las Vegas
Rodney Lough Gallery Row
Crystals at CityCenter Gallery Row

I was lucky enough to meet him during his limited time at his gallery and unveiling.  He’s very humble and it was a great pleasure to share in his excitement for his craft.
Guests gathered in anticipation during the event as Rodney unveiled his newest “Waterfall in the Garden” in the Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon. He talked of his inspiration and what lead him to his vision of the unique vertical photo.

Waterfall in the Garden
“Waterfall in the Garden”

Guests were invited to closely inspect his work of vibrant colors and vivid textures. He’s a purist and doesn’t use any filters or darkroom trickery. Let me tell you that he’s spent plenty of time waiting for just that perfect moment after viewing his collection.

Rodney Lough, Jr.
Rodney LOugh, Jr.

Another piece that caught my eye was “The Monument Valley” taken at Antelope Valley, AZ. The amazing reds, yellows and rich blacks looked like you were peering into a live volcano with molten lava. How much to own this? A loose photograph is currently $3,550 with an edition size of 500.

Rodney describes himself, “I’m what many would call a ‘tweener.’ That is I’m not a “boomer” and I’m not a “Gen-x” either. I fall right in between a tweener.

So while I was in college in the mid 80’s there was a plethora of fantastic music that came out during those years. Groups from The Police to Annie Lennox spewed hit after hit.” He’s found his inspiration from many parts of his life and started at an early age of 12.

His unveiling of “Waterfall in the Garden” is unique in that he seldom photographs panoramic images in vertical form.

The awe-inspiring image will capture the attention of aspiring photographers and nature lovers alike.

Rodney Lough Jr Photography
Rodney LOugh, Jr.

Rodney is widely known as the most honored and respected master landscape photographer in the 21st century.  He photographs from the depths the wilderness – often in the pre-dawn hours – to capture breathtaking images of the natural world.

Rodney Lough, Jr. Gallery
rLo Gallery at Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas

Many of his photos seem as large and grand as his subject matter.  So if you’re ready to take one home to admire, you better have a large home with big walls to enjoy the immense rare moments captured by Rodney LOugh, Jr.

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