The PEARL New Concert Theater At The Palms Hotel Las Vegas Opened

The PEARL TheaterThe Pearl new concert theater at the Palms Hotel Las Vegas real estate opened this past Saturday. The Pearl theater has several tiers of intimate seating in a large crescent shaped room with a large foyer and towering ceilings.

The new venue at the Palms Casino Las Vegas has a seating capacity of 1,100 to 2,500

On either side of the stage there are nine skyboxes including no obstructed views at the new theater.

Pearl TheaterThe venue seems both big and small, and that’s the entire point.

No seat in this new Las Vegas venue is more than 120 feet from the stage.

The skyboxes at The Pearl, on both sides of the stage rising up from the general admission floor, feature their own bar service.


Apple iTunesThe Las Vegas concert area has clear sight lines on all three tiers with bars on every level. The colors chosen for the interior are both deep shades of brown and green with maroon carpet.

The stage is large enough so acts don’t have to reduce the production size. The Palms recording studio is also hard wired to the venue for the possibility of live recordings.

Some of the space of casino’s move theaters had to be incorporated into the venue. The location is off the main floor of the Las Vegas casino.

The Pearl boasts high tech sound and lighting. There are 60 speakers within the venue, and Michael Keller, a concert industry veteran, who’s helped stage presentations of Michael Jackson, Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne, did the lighting design. Source: LV Review

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The PEARL new concert theater at the Palms Hotel Las Vegas opened this past weekend.

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