UFC 69 SHOOTOUT Ultimate Fighting Championship Serra Octagon Winner

Matt SerraUFC 69 SHOOTOUT winner results including Matt Serra vs Georges St. Pierre. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is headquartered in Las Vegas real estate. UFC 69 results: Matt Serra looks comfortable standing in front of Georges St. Pierre and throwing fierce leg kicks, using angles to attack. Serra stuns St. Pierre with several punches. St. Pierre is stunned. Serra follows up. Serra mounts and punches. Matt Serra is the new UFC champion! Could this be the biggest mixed martial arts upset in Ultimate Fighting Championship history?

UFC 69 results for Josh Koscheck vs. Diego Sanchez. Round one: has Josh Koscheck landing the first punch, straight right, of the mma fight, but Sanchez isn’t shocked. Not much is happening then Koscheck landed a leg kick and two good punches. The fans didn’t really enjoy this uneventful round and showed with boos. Koscheck then takes Diego down before the end of the round, probably winning it, too.

UFC 69 SHOOTOUT Round two in the Octagon has Koscheck landing a punch that connects. Diego doesn’t seem with it. This looks like Sanchez expected more in his standup. His punches aren’t connecting with Josh and not even thinking about a takedown against the former All-American wrestler. Koscheck is making Sanchez pay. Koscheck is still looking cool.

Round three results for these two fighters was a disappointment. Koscheck jabbed the heck out of Diego he didn’t respond. The crowd booed for about two minutes in hatred for this fight. Koscheck uneventful fighting strategy won unanimous decision against an undefeated UFC fighter. Source: NBC

  • Matt Serra winner over Georges St. Pierre
  • Josh Koscheck by unanimous decision vs Diego Sanchez
  • Roger Huerta by unanimous decision over Leonard Garcia
  • Yushin Okami by decision over Mike Swick
  • Kendall Grove via submission, second round over Alan Belcher
  • Marcus Davis. Over Pete Spratt by second-round submission
  • Luke Cummo over Josh Haynes by second-round TKO
  • Heath Herring over Brad Imes by unanimous decision
  • Thales Leites over Pete Sell by unanimous decision

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UFC 69 SHOOTOUT Ultimate Fighting Championship has Matt Serra Octagon winner.

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