UFC 75 CHAMPION VS CHAMPION Jackson Vs Dan Henderson Winner Results

UFC 75 WinnerUFC 75 CHAMPION VS CHAMPION Quinton Rampage Jackson vs Dan Henderson winner results for Sept 8, 2007. Now both UFC and PRIDE organizations coming together which one do you think is the more dominant and talented? Mixed martial arts fans never thought that this day could be here. After the loss of fans and revenue it was a great move on the Ultimate Fighting Championship franchise, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, owns it.

Rampage Jackson vs. Dan Henderson

Jackson new that he had the upper hand in this bout and showed it with an intensive stare down of Henderson.

Early one Henderson used his knees against the cage to take Jackson down by the side. He tried a crucifix but to no avail. Everyone thought this left hook would floor Jackson but he stood there and took it. It ended with a slow pace in the Octagon.

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In minute one of the second round Henderson has a takedown with a couple of knees. Jackson has had enough and steps up. Jackson ends up in side control throws some elbows. Impressive strength keeping Henderson to the mat.

Rather than another takedown for Henderson he keeps it standing in round three. Rampage opens up with a takedown while Henderson looked for the kimura. Rampage used plenty of elbows.

Rampage tried early in round four with some fierce fighting, but almost couldn’t take the armbar tries. He was successful in holding Henderson back after breaking free and used plenty of punches and elbows. Referee John McCarthy had to stand the opponents up with only a minute remaining. Could Henderson take of this? Not by the looks of it.

The most ready to fight in round five is Rampage. Tiring his opponent out by taking him to the cage. He was able to land a knee. Half way through the round Henderson hit with Rampage firing back. Henderson has a takedown but not much to show for it. Rampage turns the tables and kocks Henderson down with a right at the last second.

Quinton Jackson winner by unanimous decision

UFC 75 Winner Results

Houston Alexander winner by TKO
Marcus Davis winner by armbar submission
Cheick Kongo winner by unanimous decision
Michael Bisping winner by split decision

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UFC 75 CHAMPION VS CHAMPION Jackson vs Dan Henderson winner results

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