UFC 79 NEMESIS Chuck Liddell Winner Over Silva By Unanimous Decision

Liddell Winner UFC 79 UFC 79 NEMESIS Chuck Liddell is winner over Wanderlei Silva by unanimous decision. UFC 79 pay per view event also had Georges St Pierre winner over Matt Hughes by submission. All of the mixed martial arts excitement in the Octagon took place Dec 29, in the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada real estate.

After six years of waiting for this fight it lived up to everyone’s expectations. Liddell was the winner in a three round unanimous decision. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion had a score of 30-27 twice and 29-28. He stopped his losing streak over the former PRIDE Champion.

Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva

The beginning of round one started slow but Liddell picked up the pace in 1:30. Liddell brought Silva to the cage and Silva fought back with a hard combo. Liddell used a left hook and a few more with Silva still standing. The crowd was excited with the exchanges from the Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters.

Silva was pissed from round one and landed a shot early on. He look a little more comfortable and gave a left hook. Quickly another hook was exchanged and the direction of the fight changed. Liddell used an elbow over the eyebrow and cut Silva. They both felt they needed to pick up the pace and stand their ground. Liddell used a straight right and rocked Silva. The momentum was strong but changed from each fighter. The crowd really enjoyed the exchanges.

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Chuck was able to mat Silva during the beginning of the round. This was short lived as they both stood back up on their feed. Liddell directed Silva back to the fence. He was fierce and took control of the round in close contact connected with several strikes. Liddell had a decrease in energy and tried to regain his energy. Chuck took down Silva with 20 seconds remaining in the third round.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes

In the second round St. Pierre took Hughes down within 30 seconds. At 1:45 remaining St. Pierre went for side control and then a full mount. Hughes quickly removed himself from control and they both returned to their feet. Again, St. Pierre went for side control. To end the round and UFC fight with 10 seconds remaining St. Pierre used a kimura and then an armbar to become the winner.

UFC 79 Winner Results

Mark Bocek wins by Unanimous Decision
Eddie Sanchez wins by TKO
Roan Carneiro wins by TKO
James Irvin wins by Disqualification
Lyoto Machida wins by Submission (Choke)
Dean Lister wins by Unanimous Decision
Manny Gamburyan wins by Submission (Leg Lock)
Rich Clementi wins by Submission (Choke)
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UFC 79 NEMESIS Chuck Liddell is winner over Silva by unanimous decision.

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