UFC 74 RESPECT Randy Couture And Georges St. Pierre Winner Results

UFC 74 WinnerUFC 74 RESPECT Couture vs Gonzaga & St Pierre vs Koscheck have Couture and St. Pierre are the winners. The Ultimate Fighting Championship based out of Las Vegas, Nevada had the UFC 74 fight August 25, 2007 at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Randy Couture started early in round one with a left and then another left taking Garbriel Gonzaga down. Gonzaga was brought to the case while Couture used a knee from the clinch. Then a major takedown by Couture. Gonzaga is still looking strong. Gonzaga tries to catch his breadth after receiving a cut. Fiercely Couture used his elbows. The last few seconds remaining Gonzaga landed a punch. First round goes to Couture.

Gonzaga is bloody again at the start of the second round. Couture looks like he’s much stronger. The fight was stopped to take a look at the cut, but then presumed. Gonzaga used the fence while Couture went for the takedown. Couture kept pounding Gonzaga against the cage. The crowd is in great excitement as the fight continues. Gonzaga couldn’t keep up with the pace.

Randy blocked a headkick that Gonzaga knocked out Cro Cop at the start of round three. Amazingly it was tried a second time and it partially connected. You can imagine Couture was red hot mad and landed a takedown with about a dozen success punches. Referee Herb Dean stopped the fight. Couture retained the UFC championship.

Randy Couture is a three time Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion and a two time UFC light heavyweight title holder.

Randy Couture winner by TKO

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Josh Koscheck vs. Georges St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre took down in 30 seconds the former NCAA wrestling champ after Koscheck missed a kick. St. Pierre was able to free his arms and connected his elbows. Koscheck took the fight to a standing position with it ending in a big takedown. He tried to take the offense after taking St. Pierre to the Octagon fence. Not much damage happened in this tough scoring round.

Koscheck was able to get loose from St. Pierre in round two of UFC 74. St. Pierre tried it again and wasn’t in a better position. St. Pierre got side mount and used his elbows on Koscheck. He was able to roll through. St. Pierre tried a kimura one more time, yanking and giving body shots to free his opponents arm. St. Pierre, the ex champion, controlled most of the round but never really hurting Koscheck.

Round three had the fight standing for a large amount of time as Koscheck looked comfortable. St. Pierre sent a straight right and drew blood. Koscheck tried to do a takedown but Georges stopped that and put him on his back. To end the Ultimate Fighting Championship fight in the Octagon St. Pierre tried a heel hook in the last second.

St. Pierre could feel the win after the end of the fight. He once again gestured at his imaginary belt on his waist. He know is the number 1 contender to the welterweight title. Source: NBC

Georges St. Pierre winner by unanimous decision.

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UFC 74 RESPECT Randy Couture and Georges St. Pierre winner results.

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