Visitors Volume To McCarran Las Vegas Airport Declines For 11th Month

McCarran Airport Las VegasVisitors’ volume to McCarran Las Vegas Airport declines for 11th consecutive month in January 2009.  This is the worst decline in passengers since post 9/11.

Almost 500 flights a day arrive in Las Vegas, NV, one almost every three minutes.

Year to date totals for January 2009 show a decrease of 15.7 percent to 3 million airline passengers through McCarran International Airport.  Much of the decline was attributed to the economy and fewer flights to Las Vegas, Nevada.  The above reasons showed a decline of 11.6 percent of capacity.

The market leader in passenger volume in Las Vegas is Southwest Airlines.  Their year to date totals showed a 7 percent less capacity total which attributed to their 10.2 percent decline.  They had a plane in the Vegas approximately every 6.5 minutes.  Southwest has 1.1 million passengers through McCarran International Airport.

Through the decline in passengers one airline was able to show an uptick in their passengers, American Airlines.  Although American is number 5 in the Las Vegas market they had 1.9 percent increase from last year January 2008 totals.  Thie total was 170,491 passengers.

The biggest loser in airline passengers was US Airways, number two in Las Vegas, NV with 72 flights a day.  Their passenger total was 412,639, a 35.5 percent decline from Jan 2008.  Recently announced cut in flights to the market.

Improvements in passenger counts went to Virgin America, from San Francisco, and Allegiant Air from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Allegiant had an uphill battle with their 5.1 percent capacity decrease and achieved a traffic increase of 133,860 passengers, or 7.3 percent.

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Passengers volume to McCarran Las Vegas airport declines for a 11th consecutive month.

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