Las Vegas Visitors At McCarran Airport Declined 7.7 percent in 2008

McCarran Airport Las VegasLas Vegas visitors at McCarran Airport declined 7.7 percent in 2008.  Almost 44 million passengers departed and arrived at McCarran International Airport Las Vegas.

December 2008 didn’t do any better either.  Only 3.2 million passengers shuttled through due to the slowdown in tourism and current economic condition.  This is a decline of 14.1 percent for the month.

An airline planner expects Las Vegas hotels to continue to drop room rates during 2009 in hopes of enticing travelers to choose Las Vegas, Nevada during budget conscious holiday destination seekers.  Expectations are looking similar to declines of double digit percentages.

2008 marked a lighter passenger load from the previous for the five largest airlines catering to Las Vegas including United, Southwest, American, US Airways and Delta.

This yearly decline of passengers at McCarran Airport surfaced three years ago when 44.3 million departed and arrived for the entire year.  The biggest percentage year to year drop in departures and arrivals happened in the early 1980’s.

Allegiant Air, sixth-biggest passenger carrier at the Las Vegas airport, bucked the trend and posted a slight increase of almost 1 percent for 2008.

US Airways shuttled 7.2 million passengers for 2008, decline of 24.2 percent, in addition to the December decline of 31.2 percent.

Southwest had 15.7 million passengers or a 2.1 percent decline for 2008.  December showed a 5.4 percent decline, too.

Las Vegas based Allegiant Airlines had 1.7 million visitors.

United had 3 million departures and arrivals or a 7.2 percent fall for the year.  American had 2.1 million, down .4 percent and Delta had 2.4 million or 4.5 drop.

International traffic didn’t fare any better with their departures and arrivals at 2.2 million or 3.5 decline for 2008.  December plummeted 28.7 for the month.

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Las Vegas visitors at McCarran International Airport Las Vegas declined 7.7 percent in 2008.

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