Angel Porrino & Son Hosts A Memorial Day Party At The Pool At Ravella

Angel Porrino and son Roman spent Memorial Day afternoon enjoying time with family and friends at The Pool at Ravella at Lake Las Vegas. “We’re here (at Ravella) to have a family fun day, which is good because it doesn’t happen that often,” Angel said on the red carpet at Ravella’s summer kick-off event celebration.

Angel Porrino
Angel Porrino Hosting A Memorial Day Party at The Pool at Ravella

The Holly’s World reality TV star and ABSINTHE starlet showed off her unique personal style at Ravella, wearing leopard-printed jeans, a colorful tank and black moccasins complemented by a colorful dinosaur-printed jacket. In addition to a sleek braid, Angel sported a pink highlight in her blonde tresses. Her son, Roman Porrino was all smiles in his mom’s arms, wearing a sporty Nike track suit and converse tennis shoes.

Angel and Roman Porrino
Roman and Angel Porrino

Angel and Roman were accompanied by Angel’s mom, Gwen Porrino, Angel’s close friend, Jenna Abraham and Roman’s sister, Kalia Saludares. The crew was joined later during Memorial Day weekend by Holly’s World and PEEPSHOW star, Holly Madison. Dressed casually in blue shorts and a blue and white t-shirt, Holly presented Roman with a birthday card and enjoyed spending the afternoon with her friends, poolside at Ravella hotel at Lake Las Vegas.

Angel Porrino
Reality TV Star Angel Porrino
Angel and Roman Porrino
Roman and Angel Porrino at Ravella

The group didn’t let the unusually cool weather stop them from having a great time. Roman snacked on apples and cookies in their private VIP cabana before he was surprised with a birthday cake to commemorate turning two years old on Saturday. Laughing and smiling with his mom, Roman enjoyed licking the frosting from the candles.

Angel Porrino at Ravella
Angel Porrino
Roman Porrino
Roman Porrino With Birthday Cake

Embracing the Memorial Day spirit, Angel sang “Proud to be an American” to Roman as he excitedly waved miniature American flags in the air. Enjoying the laid-back poolside atmosphere, Angel laughed along with her mom and friend as Roman delighted in blowing bubbles with his sister before watching in amazement as colorful balloon animals were created just for him. Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty

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