Frankie Moreno Live At Stratosphere Keeps The Classics Fresh & Modern

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Headliner Frankie Moreno Live at The Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower Las Vegas, premiered to a packed house.  That’s a great thing to see on an opening night for the Downtown area of Las Vegas, Stratosphere and for a returning Moreno.

Frankie Moreno Red Carpet Interviews

See @FrankieMoreno jam on the piano & his bro Tony on guitar. Cool lighting & clear sound @LVStratosphere

Frankie Moreno New Headliner at Stratosphere Theater
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Frankie mentioned he has been playing the Las Vegas scene for the last 10 years, it shows by how much he knows of what people want. He walks, talks and acts like some of Vegas’ ultra-famous legends like Elvis and Dean Martin.

Frankie Moreno’s show, with a live 10-piece band, follows a long-time running show Bite, at the Stratosphere. When entering the theater at the Stratosphere, you’ll be treated with intimate stage lighting and comfortable seats.

Frankie Moreno
Frankie Moreno

The theater is a great size for Frankie’s return. He and his band like to visit with the crowd during the show, to make people feel they are a part of the action.

The action that Frankie brings to Las Vegas is more than the sum of his musical genre choices. He plays to every age group in the crowd. Those that like classic Vegas, Rock and even classical are treated to some of the best live performances you can get in Las Vegas.

Frankie Moreno

Every section of his band nailed it on their first night at the Stratosphere, which goes to show the amount of practice and professionalism from the band. The base guitar, Tony, is Frankie’s brother and does an excellent job. The electric guitar player has great skill to make the songs played amazing.

I haven’t heard that good of guitar playing since Carlos Santana.  His horn and string sections bring you immediately back to the big band days with great sound.  Also, the drummer is quite good.  Everyone worked together nicely and none of them missed a beat.

Near the middle of Frankie’s first night, he brought out a harmonica and rocked it like no one that I’ve heard before. On beat, he included others songs that worked well with his transitions, which I enjoyed.  He’s so talented at the piano, he plays it backward, from the floor and from on top.

Frankie Moreno – “Tangerine Honey”

The music Frankie plays are both original and classic. He and his brother have written several songs together that works well to keep the flow moving in the right direction. Frankie’s cover of The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” is not to be missed.

Thanks goes to the Stratosphere for inviting me to opening night, I’m happy I was able to attend.  If you are looking for a reasonably priced ticket to one of the best new rocking shows in Las Vegas, look no further than Frankie Moreno Live at The Stratosphere.

To purchase tickets, call 702-380-7777 or visit the Stratosphere Ticket Center located across from Roxy’s Diner. 21+

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