McLovin of 'Superbad' Chris Mintz-Plasse Celebrates 21st B'Day At TAO

McLovin of ‘Superbad’ movie, Chris Mintz-Plasse, celebrates his 21st birthday at TAO Las Vegas on Saturday, June 19, 2010. There isn’t a better way of celebrating your 21st than partying in Las Vegas, Nevada for that special day. Especially when the party doesn’t stop at 2 a.m.

Chris Mintz Plasse
Actor Chris Mintz-Plasse at TAO Las Vegas

McLovin brought a group of friends to his party at TAO Las Vegas including Evan Ross, son of Diana Ross, and singer Ryan Cabrera. Their evening started with signature TAO Asian Bistro dishes served in the private dining room. This is where all of the celebrities receive their meals.

Chris Mintz Plasse and Ryan Cabrera
Chris Mintz -Plasse at Singer Ryan Cabrera

The countdown happened just before midnight, for the actor who played McLovin, and the crowd helped with the screaming of “Happy Birthday” as he was inducted into the now legal to party like a rockstar.

DJ Vice and Chris Mintz Plasse
DJ Vice and Chris Mintz-Plasse

That’s exactly what the party did when DJ Vice and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps helped cheer the crowd as Chris entered the DJ booth with them.

Michael Phelps and Chris Mintz Plasse
Olympian Michael Phelps, Chris Mintz-Plasse, DJ Vice & Friend

Mintz-Plasse’s birthday celebration continued as he received a large, blue, four-tier cake adorned with sugar beer cans for his 21st from TAO. You can count on a great party at the Las Vegas nightclub.

Chris Mintz Plasse Birthday Cake
Chris Mintz-Plasse Turning 21 With Birthday Cake

After dinner they hit the nightclub where he jumped into the DJ booth with Olympian Michael Phelps and DJ Vice – the crowd cheered as all they did shots of Patron to mark the occasion. The celebration continued with a cake adorned with sugar beer cans. Photo Credit: Denise Truscello

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