Snooki Excites In Halloween Costume As Sexy Leopard At PURE Nightclub

‘Jersey Shore’ star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi took Sin City by storm as she hosted a spine-chilling Halloween bash at PURE Nightclub inside Caesars Palace on Saturday, October 29. The petite guidette along with her best friend Caitlin Ryder aka “Ryder” arrived at the mega-club just before midnight looking feisty and fierce in their feline costumes.

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Snooki in Halloween Costume
Snooki In Leopard Halloween Costume At PURE Nightclub

Polizzi was dressed as a sexy leopard decked out head-to-toe in fur complete with paws and tail. In addition, the energetic brunette was covered in body paint and completed the look with a set of cat eye contact lenses. In full Halloween spirit, the 23-year-old MTV reality darling growled at the cameras as she posed for photos on the red carpet.

Snooki at PURE
Nicole Polizzi at PURE
Caitlin Ryder and Snooki at PURE Nightclub
Caitlin Ryder and Snooki

Known for drawing a crowd wherever she goes, Polizzi was instantaneously surrounded by fans as she was being escorted inside the nightclub. Hundreds of admirers screamed and shouted “I Love You Snooki” as she made her through the venue and to her VIP table.

Snooki at PURE Las Vegas
Snooki at PURE Las Vegas

Once she settled into her area, Polizzi rushed to the front of the stage and immediately became the center of attention. Getting the party started off right, she pumped up the crowd by shaking her tail (literally) and throwing large lighted foam batons into the sea of clubgoers.

She got on the mic andsaid, “thank you everyone for coming out tonight to my favorite club in Vegas!”

Snooki and Danny Boy of Hardnox
Nicole Polizzi and Danny Boy of Hardnox

Later in the evening, Polizzi played her role as celebrity guest judge in search for the “Sexiest Vixen.” One-by-one the gorgeous contestants strutted their way to the main stage as they showed off their bewitching costumes for Polizzi.

Snooki In Halloween Costume
Jersey Shore‘ Nicole In Halloween Costume

The competition was close as she thought all the girls looked hot and couldn’t decide, but with help from the crowd the fist pumping party girl picked “Sexy Elvis” as the first place winner, followed by the “Black Angel” in second and the “Three Musketeers” in third place.

Snooki With Halloween Costume Check
PURE Halloween Costume Contest Winner Check

After judging the contest, Polizzi continued to party with fans as she spent the rest of the evening sipping on cocktails and dancing. Photo credit: Issac Brekken/Wire Image

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