Strippers Rejoice: Employment By A Penthouse Brand Las Vegas NV Hotel

ModelStrippers rejoice with possible employment by a Penthouse Brand Las Vegas NV Hotel.  The Penthouse CEO has gone public with a possible real estate purchase on the Las Vegas Strip.  Watch out casino operators, the men’s magazine could put a new spin on attracting visitors to their casino.

As others are aware that now is the time to buy real estate in Las Vegas, Nevada and so are the thoughts of this South Florida financier.

How does he think he can drive traffic to his brand when so many operators have seen shrinking visitors and less spending?  Simple, using the internet to drive traffic from his huge 10,000 mostly social networking web sites.  Don’t Las Vegas casinos currently doing this for of marketing?  Most casinos web promotion consist of email blasts and specials listed on their website.  It could be a slam dunk with carefully crafted social media and internet buzz to bring a entirely new group of visitors.

Will the hotel be Penthouse Las Vegas?  Not in the current plans but a Penthouse pool and casino would be showcased.

Did I hear a new widget from the South Florida businessman?   The proposed location would have scantily clad models and strippers performing at the hotel.  Isn’t Hooters dong that in their branded hotel casino?  Not to the extent this men’s magazine would push the envelope.  Something Vegas has been doing lately to lure adult travelers.

Penthouse earlier this year launched a cable TV network with a subscriber base of 30 million homes and another 100 increase in the following year.  The huge amount of internet real estate has a combined 200 million members including those in Asia and Europe.  Watch out Playboy, Penthouse is coming to Las Vegas. Source: Review Journal

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Strippers rejoice with possible employment by a Penthouse brand Las Vegas Nevada hotel.

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