UFC 77 HOSTILE TERRITORY Anderson Silva Is Winner Over Rich Franklin

UFC 77 Silva WinnerUFC 77 HOSTILE TERRITORY Anderson Silva is 2nd round winner over Rich Franklin. The UFC Middleweight Champion stopped the attack in the Octagon for a second time from the mixed martial arts fighter Rich Franklin from his hometown Cincinnati at the full house U.S. Bank Arena October 20, 2007.

During UFC 64 in October 2006, Silva stopped Franklin during the first round.

Franklin entered the Octagon very confident to the music “Welcome to the Jungle”. The fans were so excited to see him that they let out a roar and gave him the confidence to see the champion enter. The opening song for Silva was “Ain’t no sunshine” by DMX. The reception for Silva wasn’t spectacular as the crowd booed.

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When Silva was introduced the crowd’s boos started again. Franklin then started the crowd to cheer for his opponent.

With the start of the UFC 77 round one Franklin used his quick jabs and leg kicks. Almost a minute later Silva used a knee to the body. The two fighters were very concentrated when the bell rang, and Franklin was busy early with leg kicks and quick jabs to the head. The two quickly ended up on the mat. Silva quickly stood on his feet but got pushed to the fence.

Silva offered a left kick to the upper body and Franklin fought back against the fence. Once separated, Silva used many of his moves including forceful knees and spinning backfists. At the end of the round Silva used a right hook to the head dropping Franklin.

After a much needed quick rest, the “Ace” came back with some moves but the best Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter in the world pounded a right hand and knees to his opponent. At the end, Franklin could take the attack and buckeled under the pressure with referee McCarthy called an end to the round at 1:07 of the second round.

The final results are Silva improves with the win to 20-4 while Franklin falls to 24-3.

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UFC 77 HOSTILE TERRITORY Anderson Silva is winner over Rich Franklin.

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